1. C

    adding son to my bank account

    is it possible for my husband and I add my son to our saving account I know it can be joint but another person our son be added as well is it possible as we don't getting any younger thank in advance ??
  2. juco

    Adding more RAM

    If you need to add more RAM to you computer then this link will scan your system and give compatible RAM for your system. You dont have to buy from them but it gives you the specs required and you can search for cheaper alternatives. Welcome to Crucial UK GBP Store Organization
  3. M

    Adding a photo to my post

    Please could someone please tell me how to add a photo to a post . many thanks :hmm:
  4. M

    adding new name to Tapu

    Hello Martyn, I am new to this so please forgive any mistakes. We would like to add our son's name to our Tapu (purchased 2004) Can you help me to find my way in doing this. Bye Marvi
  5. M

    Adding or changing owner on TAPU

    Hi all, Ive had a search and cant find the exact advice Im after so maybe someone can help? Im looking to buy an apartment in Antalya but as Im a cheapskate (sorry, I meant wise and cunning investor) will be getting a bargain FSBO one :) The main problem (as always) is the military clearance as...
  6. R

    Adding free kontors whilst in the UK

    I know I can add free kontors to my Turkish phone by texting xx (where xx is the number of kontours I wish to add from my free bank of kontors, currently at 170) and texting it to 2255. Can I do this while in the UK (my phone is on roaming)? Obviously the normal text number will not work in the...
  7. B

    Adding a foreigner's name to a Tapu...

    Hi, I would appreciate some guidance, it will probably sound daft but I have to start somewhere. My husband and I (no I'm not the Queen lol) have bought a villa a year ago in the Fethiye area, but for some reason the Tapu office at the time, refused to add my name to the Tapu, saying that...
  8. A

    adding one sentence

    Just for a bit of fun. Continue story adding on 1 sentence I was walking down the road.......................................
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