1. John O' Dreams

    Cost of addiction

    This article got me thinking about the cost to tax payers for treatment of the adverse effects of other people's illnesses brought about by their own choices in life. Is it right that we should pay for the treatment of addictions? Millions spent treating drink and drug addiction Over £7m was...
  2. flowerpotman

    Need help for Addiction

    I need help i am addicted to posting. I have been a member for a few years and i think i posted 20 replies in this last week i have gone from background person to senior member ( i am just a baby) and now i am making comments on everything.I know some of you have been here before how do i stop...
  3. bobthenob

    forum addiction

    The fads in the modern life styles has under gone many changes in such a short period of time,which does have a negative impact on peoples behaviour.Cyber space communication is one behavioral impact,that does effect ones everyday life. I remember ,when l first joined up on the forum,how...
  4. P


    click on to smack the penguin Brian. :kafa: :kafa: :kafa: :kafa:
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