1. Camden

    Add a bit of *Sparkle*

    Went to Brighton for the weekend saw a nice piece of Sparkle for Christmas
  2. L

    Easyjet email add.

    Anyone got an email address for Easyjet customer services,TIA
  3. G

    how do i add my partner to my tapu?

    Hi how do I go about adding my common law wife of 40 yrs to my tapu? Cant find the relevant thread on the search link. your help appreciated.
  4. N

    mxpro box add on screen not able to view fix please

    hi people my addon page i cant view as it is off the screen to the left can some one tell me the fix to bring it back on to screen so i can view on the screen to select programe to view.
  5. bickern

    How to post an add on eBay - LOL

    If you're looking for a new caravan, have about £65,000 spare and are a fan of dogging, sordid affairs and/or murdering then look no further. We have the perfect caravan for you. An eBay advert has gone viral for all the right reasons. After finding out her husband had bought a battered old...
  6. bickern

    TL Exchange, Ouch

    What happened, lira slowly getting stronger and now it drops back again. Any one have an idea why? It cant be due to the swipe at the media this weekend surely.
  7. V

    Add Photo

    Was testing adding a photo, how do I rotate it please ......? And it was supposed to be in the test area - blonde moment!!
  8. J

    delete my add pleaseeeeeeeee

  9. giglets

    The Odd Tipples All Add Up

    Ring any bells? BBC News - Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young'
  10. v6cod

    Just to add to the madness

    Court awards £17,000 to illegal immigrant BBC News - Court awards £17,000 to detained illegal immigrant this guy stows away in 2003 to get into the Uk illegally, is then convicted of 20 offences over the next three years. He has won this case because attempts to establish his nationality had...
  11. tinkycarol

    Email add for Croesus/Altinkum Transfers?

    Hi, please does anyone have an email address for the above. Trying to book a transfer following a previous thread last week (decided to give them a go & if any good I will book the rest up for this year before 15 May for the early fingers crossed) but just...
  12. arrian

    to add insult

    to insult: Boyfriend of war tribute pee woman Wendy Lewis in Nazi salute shame -
  13. Andy

    How To Add A Smilie

    This is how you add a Smilie. :dooh: After you have written your post instead of clicking to send it, click on go advanced where you will see a list of smilies, click on 1 to add to your post, it will go where you left your curser. If you go to the bottom you will find more smilies just click...
  14. zozatky

    Washing machine ad for the Boys!

    I'm not sure American Audiences are ready for this commercial yet! Fleggaard Holding A/S, through its subsidiaries, markets electronic appliances. The company specializes in selling televisions and radio sets. Fleggaard Holding is based in Krusaa, Denmark. Just across Germany's...
  15. Lindacm

    Residency add on

    I have to renew my residency this July. However I will be out of the country when it's due. Although I can't see any advantage to having one, I don't really want the bother of leaving the country every 90 days either! If I renew my residency approx 4-5 weeks early, does anyone know if this will...
  16. J

    Cost to add name to tittle deeds

    Hi Folks,Can anyone advise.Our tittle deeds are in my husbands name and I have now got military clearance and want to add my name to them.Can anyone outline the costs I can expect to complete this
  17. gren

    Unable to add cookies, header already sent.

    Mushtaq, any idea when we re going to stop getting this message each time we post? :w00t: Unable to add cookies, header already sent. File: /home/mu5htaq/public_html/forums/includes/init.php Line: 39
  18. shirleyanntr

    add on story

    Heres the start of a novelette..who knows we might even get into print..ive started...any offers for the next paragraph,sentence..or even word...come on..!! once upon a time there was an holiday maker called Sue who was 52 she met up with a builder called Mustafa who was 22..and they clicked...
  19. gren

    Airlines to Turkey from UK SEPTEMBER 2008-Please add to list

    Airlines from UK to Turkey: Kiss Flights Gatwick to Dalaman, Bodrum --------------------------------------------------- Easyjet Gatwick to Dalaman Gatwick to Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen) Luton to Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen) Gatwick to Bodrum ----------------------------------------------------- Thomas...
  20. v6cod

    Add Credit to your Turkcell Phone Anywhere in the World

    From the Fethiye Times Running a mobile phone in Turkey, even when just visiting for a short periods, is not only much cheaper than using your UK phone in extortionate roaming mode, but it also means your local resident friends will ring you more often. But the problem with running a mobile...
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