1. bal canavar

    Last Tango in Adana

    Turkish association condemns tango as ‘adultery on foot ' A local association in Turkey’s southern province of Adana has urged the local authorities to cancel an ongoing tango festival, describing the saucy Argentinian dance as 'adultery on foot.' A local association in Turkey’s southern...
  2. S

    Trains from Adana to Ankara

    I don't know whether anyone can answer this for me. In the last few days of our holiday we're looking at flying to Adana then getting the train from Adana to Ankara changing at Konya. Just to see some of Turkey's scenery and just to do something a little different. Has anyone done this?, is it...
  3. A

    Adana to Mersin

    I know that there is a Dolmuş service connecting Adana Otogar to Mersin Otogar. Does any one know if there is a service connecting Adana airport to Mersin Otogar? Thanks.
  4. Q

    Hotels in Ankara and Adana

    So I'm planning on going to Adana, and the simplest way by train appears to be through Ankara, so I figure I'll spend a few days there. I'm looking for a hotel in both places which, in order of most important features: 1. Cheap 2. Takes credit cards 3. Easy to get to (preferably walkable...
  5. Q

    Adana again

    OK, this is a long shot, but I'm thinking that if the tentative job offer I got doesn't pan out (I've had three like this before, all of which ended up telling me "never mind," and as this is the best of the four I'm hopeful but skeptical), I might like to try Adana, before returning to...
  6. Q

    Considering relocating

    I've been offered a job which would mean relocating to one of the school's other branches in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Antalya, Adana, and Izmit. I've been to both Istanbul and Bursa. I like Istanbul, but found it cramped, the metro system a joke and the buses even worse, and I didn't like the...
  7. E

    Istanbul to Adana

    I just received very bad news that my long term friend in the Navy, who is based 150 km from me in Golcuk, has been transferred to Mersin. He is very upset about this himself and I have a house and work in Istanbul so could not move there even if I wanted. I've known him for five years now and...
  8. Firefox

    Marmaris to Adana

    I am leaving from Marmaris to Adana tomorrow on the bus for a business trip. I am told it takes some 15hours, has any of you done this journey? whats turkish buses like, Do you get to have a good nite sleep on the bus? Please send me both good news and bad.
  9. ceemac

    Adana mayor threatens Turkish newspaper

    The mayor of the southern city of Adana has threatened daily Vatan for reporting on an argument between the mayor and his former right-hand man, who has brought corruption allegations against the public official. Here C
  10. ceemac

    Attack made on U.S. Consulate in Adana

    The U.S. Consulate in Adana, Turkey, came under an armed assault, the Turkish Iha news website reports. Here C
  11. ceemac

    Adana Kids Running Away

    This is a bit of a strange story - does this only occur in Adana? 'Police in Adana have stepped up security as schools prepare to release their end-of-semester progress reports, an event that has once again caused a significant increase in the number of children running away from home.' Here...
  12. Joe in Tasucu


    I have just spend a few days in Adana where the street corner vendors sell more than cigarette lighters, battery powered kittens that meow and then back flip and balloons. Oh no, no, no. They are all far too tame. These boys sell chainsaws.
  13. A

    Sun express flights Antalya to Adana

    Onur air Flights from Dalaman or Antalya does anyone know if they fly to Adana, does anyone have a local travel agent tel number so i can enquire times and prices. :hand:
  14. H

    Anyone know anything about Mercin near Adana

    Hi, I didn't know where to look for a general questions board so thought this must be the place. Does anyone have any information about the above area ? How easy is it to reach and do you know anyone who has bought property there ? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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