1. TNT123

    Mıssıng Gerry Adams Thread

    Fırst let me say,I have no ıdea where to post thıs thread, so I put ıt up here.Mods move ıt ıf you so wısh. There was a thread about Gerry Adams beıng a ınformer, but I cant fınd ıt, as I read through ıt quıckly then went out, came back and ıt ıs gone.Now I know all thıngs Irish ıs a touchy...
  2. Spurs

    Gerry Adams arrested.

    Now this could be an interesting thread. BBC News - Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams held over Jean McConville murder
  3. E

    adams chill out bar

    hi again ,can anyone tell me where adams chill out bar is ,i hear they play a bit of motown there , me and sharon are into northern soul but a bit of motown never goes a miss ,so this place sounds just our cup of tea :lalala:
  4. carolk

    Gerry Adams. True or false?

    'Truth about Gerry Adams and the IRA' from beyond the grave | Mail Online What are peoples opinion on this man?
  5. P

    Gerry's paedophile cover up

    Interesting story in yesterdays,you've guessed it,Mail about the president of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams's father and brother being known child sex abusers.The report states about his father being a well known peado,known as "the dirty wee man"and"the baby sitter" and his brother abusing his...
  6. bobthenob

    Adams Dilemma

    I heard that women have an extra two ribs then what men have.Has this something to do with Adam having a rib taken from his body while he was put to sleep by Gods anesthetic,so he can perform an operation to extract the rib from Adams DNA to make a female companion for him,because he was so...
  7. F

    Adams Place

    ADAMS PLACE RESTAURANT. Does anyone know where they have moved to? They said they had to move from where they were but did not yet know, and this is at the end of Septmber, where they would be moving to. I wondered if any 'winter holidaymakers' had come across them in their new restaurant? I...
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