1. mollag

    Novelty Acts [no, not that sort Des]

    Just been messing on another thread and i drifted onto one of my favorite "acts" from yesteryear, Prof Stanley Unwin. :thumbup: First caught him in "Carry on regardless" and enjoyed his Gobbledegook thereafter. Anyone got any novelty acts from the past they enjoyed? There just seems to be...
  2. L

    Would you use an estate agent who acts like this?

    i am not really sure why the original thread was closed. it would appear to me as a reader of this thread that sally has contacted the mods with a sob story. sally has shown that she is not willing to accept that she could possibly be in the wrong and has given no explanation of why she has been...
  3. J

    Would you use an estate agent who acts like this?

    A year ago we bought a property in the Side area. We have had ongoing concerns regarding the agent we bought from. We have a contract with this agent that includes the following statement: 'Kale Turkish Properties will provide 24 hour after care service for the duration of the clients...
  4. Andy

    Favourite Comedy Acts

    Thought i'de get my 5 penny worth in and in no particular order. Morcombe & Wise Dame Edna Billy Connelly The 2 Ronnies French & Saunders
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