1. A

    Savings Accounts in Turkey

    Hello, Those who have holiday homes' do any of you use savings accounts in Turkey? We have noticed that people talk a lot about high interest on these accounts. We understand the risks associated with the conversion of currency should you pay a large amount of money in. How does this savings...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Sterling deposit accounts.

    Just wondering, as I almost hijacked the Watch the lira now thread. Are there sterling deposit accounts over there in Turkey, I can't remember myself. If so any recommendations please. Thanks. xx
  3. J

    Garanti Transaction Limit on new Accounts

    Hi, I'm due to move to Ankara next week, and the bank that we're recommended to use is Garanti (tri currency account in TRL/GBP/USD). We're given a relocation allowance to furnish our new place, but the guys I know that have gone out recently have been subject to a 2000TRL transaction limit...
  4. yalimart

    Tax on Foreign Bank Accounts

    I have just received a letter from HSBC in Istanbul explaining that since last year they are sharing my/everyone's account information with HMRC, so if I hadn't declared any interest on my annual return, for past years HMRC will know about it and act accordingly. So if you haven't been declaring...
  5. V

    Stationary Accounts - HSBC

    Good Morning Has anyone experienced their Premier current accounts with HSBC becoming stationary? I have been unable to contact anyone in the Marmaris branch to assist me and I would like to close my e-deposit account and buy Sterling. Thanks.
  6. G

    Deceased accounts

    My friend died and left me as his executor. I have sorted the UK side out, but now find bank accounts in Turkey. How do I close them and retrieve the money from the UK? I have tried to speak with the bank but no success. Has any one else faced this before?
  7. N

    Closing bank accounts HSBC

    Does anyone know what the rules for closing accounts with HSBC are, I am wondering specifically do they require notice of closing an account? Thanks
  8. MiddleEarth

    Netflix terminating accounts using VPN's

    Netflix VPN cheat accounts to be terminated - Users threaten piracy if they can't pay for content "Internet users are up in arms over the discovery that Netflix's terms and conditions now allow the video streaming service to not only block accounts that use a virtual private network (VPN) to...
  9. suzyq

    Inactive Bank Accounts - New Law

    August 03, 2014, Sunday/ 17:05:35/ TODAY'S ZAMAN / ISTANBUL In spite of a recent law that aims to regulate the fees that banks can impose on customers, banks are continuing to assess fees under 60 different titles, according to Consumers Association (TD) President Aydın Ağaoğlu in a statement...
  10. newhorizon

    British accounts, Turkish tax payable?

    Following from another thread on "Turkish accounts and Uk taxes" I was wondering this question in reverse:- British accounts, turkish tax payable? This is assuming person is resident in Turkey but gets income paid into UK bank accounts. Do they need to declare this in Turkey as income? Assume...
  11. jandj

    Turkish accounts, UK tax payable?

    I am copying this from another forum, so take no credit for its information, and would be very grateful for the thoughts and opinions of fellow TLFers. With the new banking regulations relating to accounts held by foreign residents having been signed yesterday and if Turkey has become a...
  12. D

    Cost of getting condominium accounts notarised

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of getting a condominium site's accounts notarised please?
  13. bal canavar

    Swiss Bank Accounts

    PM Erdoğan submits asset declaration to election board Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has challenged Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, vowing to...
  14. N

    high interest instant access savings accounts uk

    hi all does any body no of any high interest instant access savings accounts uk checked money super market etc worth a ask thanks in advance
  15. B

    Hotmail accounts

    Anyone having problems getting into their Hotmail accounts I'm getting a message It looks like someone else might be using your account
  16. R

    Severe Drop in Interest rates for high interest accounts

    Just heard banks are offering a mear 8% on high interest accounts, anybody out there being offered anything higher.
  17. ted j

    High Interest Bank accounts

    Does anyone know a bank that still gives high interest (yes, we do have our tax numbers) but doesn't charge any monthly charges (I know most require 2 standing orders a month going out ) Thanks , Ted
  18. K

    Turkish Bank Accounts and Transferring Funds from UK

    Hi all, I would be grateful if any forum members could provide me with information and advice with regards to opening a bank account in Turkey. I currently bank with the Bank of Scotland. I will be moving to Icmeler in less than 2 months and will be opening a turkish bank account on arrival...
  19. raven

    ISA type accounts in Turkey

    Hi Ok I am a financial dummy I know very little but we want to start saving some money each month for our retirement and for our son's university fees etc. What is a good investment account here in Turkey do they have such things as ISA's I had a look on garanti but I got lost and confused...
  20. T

    No accounts etc

    Hi We bought a second hand apartment in Tosmur a year ago. The complex was completed in 2006. None of the owners have ever had any accounts from Liberal Sun who have managed the property since it was built. When we bought our property we asked again and again for accounts. The committee who...
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