Are accountants really necessary

    I'm just wondering where it is written that we have to employ an accountant for a company that was set up solely to enable purchase of properties in military zones? How difficult can it be to: (1) go to the Tax office every month, fill in a VAT return stating zero income, paying the 25TL stamp...
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    accountants in Fethiye

    Can anyone tell me if they have had any dealings with accountants in Fethiye - ones that speak English. I am trying to find a reputable accountant that speaks English well enough so that I know what I am signing etc!!! Help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Accountants bill

    Our apartment is in the military zone in Turgutreis, this year our accountants fees are £1600 last they were £1300 . I feel this is getting very expensive can anyone tell me what they pay to get a comparison . This is for limited company and to pay council tax . Thanks Isobel
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    hi can anybody give address of an english speakimg accountant which they can recomend i know ours rips us off please please can anyone offer a sollution to our gumbet accountants regards jon
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    can anybody tell us how much we should be paying our accountants we are 6 friends with 2 companies for us to obtain our tapus each friend having an appartment each in a non trading company.we will be on target to pay £1000 this year per appartment is this normal? also does any one know of a...
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    Can anyone recommend an accountant in Fethiye, preferable one who speaks English and a contact number? Thanks
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