1. A

    CPA( Certified Public Accountant) In TURKEY

    Hello everyone, Does anybody know Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who speaks fluent English in Turkey? Thanks.
  2. M

    Finding an English speaking accountant

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find an accountant/bookkeeper to prepare accounts for a school charity in Istanbul. They need to be able to produce accounts in English but also speaking Arabic would be a bonus. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. jazzcazz

    Accountant required in Dalaman

    We have an apartment we rent out long term to a local. Our management team have advised us that we need to pay income tax on the small amount of rent we receive - does anyone know an accountant who could help in Dalaman. Thank you
  4. M

    Accountant in Marmaris?

    Can anyone recommend an English-speaking accountant in Marmaris?
  5. M

    Accountant in Datca?

    Can anyone recommend an English-speaking accountant in Datca?
  6. B

    accountant fees

    Hi just reading a post about accountant fees. I sold my house in turgutreis last September. I paid all fees to my accountant ,property selling tax and vat and also accountant fees it to end of year. He told me I had to liquidate my company which would take a year and cost 3.000tl so I said no...
  7. M

    Good accountant in the Yali/Bodrum area?

    Can anyone advise me of a good competent accountant who won't sting you for every penny (lire!) in the Yali/Bodrum area?
  8. M

    Good reasonably priced accountant in the Yali/ Bodrum area?

    Simple question. Tricky one to find a good answer... maybe? Can any of you reccommend from experience or contacts a competent accountant who won't sting you for every penny (apols.. lire!) in the Yali/ Bodrum area?
  9. T

    accountant fees

    can anyone tell me if i am paying the correct fees to our accountant. 5 of us formed a company, but none of us are renting our properties so the following fees we pay for year .Accountants fee €2400, vat /stamp duty €132, imcome tax/stamp duty €72, corporate tax/stamp duty €45, accounting books...
  10. H

    Accountant and Financial Consultant

    Hello, I'm Turkish Accountant and have Certificated publich accountant lisance. If you need consultancy about Turkish tax and accounting/finance issues for your company or yourself please get in touch with me. I can give consultancy without location restriction. I have ten years experiences in...
  11. T

    Tax return in Turkey

    Can anyone recommend an accountant who will do a reasonably priced job on a tax return for our small rental income in Turkey? Ideally we are looking for one based in Altinkum
  12. D

    accountant costs?

    I have a Ltd company I used when buying two pieces of land . Does anyone know what is a fair amount for an accountant to be charging when the company does nothing else? Also I used the Ltd company to avoid waiting for army checks when i purchased. If I now want to transfer to my own name what...
  13. C

    Do we need an accountant?

    Our sitesi has a properly formed committee, constitution etc all in line with Turkish Law. We do not have a company.I get the impression from reading other threads on this forum that if you have a company in Turkey you have to have an accountant, by law. That makes sense really. But, presumably...
  14. J

    accountant in fethiye

    Hi Does anyone know of an accountant in the Fethiye area? English speaking would be great but not essential. Thanks Jaideep
  15. M

    Finding a new Accountant - Turgutreis

    I use an Accountant who was introduced to me by my builder when my wife and I purchased a villa a couple of years ago in a company name. The accountant just does the monthly returns etc as it is a passive company, but to be honest I am not very happy with regard to the charges and also,he does...
  16. J

    English speaking accountant

    Hi My husband and I will be moving permantly to Selimiye in July and we need to find an accountant. The lady we have at the moment is very nice but she speaks no English at all and as, at the moment, our Turkish is limited to ordering food and drinks, cummunication is rather difficult. So does...
  17. A


    Hi, Could anyone recommend to me a good Accountant (English speaking) in the Bodrum area.... Thankyou, Alex
  18. kaplumba

    Accountant in Datca

    After over two years of having a place in Datca we are still not sure if we want to rent it. We've had enquiries but unless it's friends who come with us as our guests or close family members we have always said no. However, I would like to keep my options open and maybe we will consider it. I...
  19. the sausage king

    Excellent accountant

    If any one in the Bodrum area needs a good clear concise accountant, then i reccommend my one without hesitation. I have spent the day getting my business legal and above board, so please remember all orders are now subject to KDV. Everything was done effienciently and smoothly, I even forgot to...
  20. Helenm150

    Found: English Speaking Accountant

    Hi If anyone is looking for an English speaking accountancy firm in Bodrum drop me an email and I will send you contact details. You would need to check with them, but I think they will quote you 150 YTL per month for a non-trading company and 200 YTL for a trading company. Regards Helen
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