1. A

    Accountancy Advice

    Hello, My wife and I run a travel business from the UK but now live in Turkey and were hoping that we might be able to get some accountancy advice from anyone living here still practicing or perhaps retired in the Fethiye/Kalkan/Kas region? We are not looking for a Turkish accountant, any help...
  2. S

    Happy Accountancy Day/Week

    It's Accountant's Day in Turkey today and for the rest of the week. Does this mean we have to take our accountant a pressie? Who remembers this sketch? BacktoBodrum: Happy Accountancy Day!
  3. H

    Final Accountancy Advice

    Well after all the trials I have been through, it would seem my house is sold at last. The money is somewhere in the international banking system (ha ha). The Emlak who sold the house has been amazing, truely. he comes highly recommended. However the final sting in the tail is that the...
  4. S

    Accountancy taxes

    Is there any Turkish accountants out there that can help? We have a Turkish Limited Company, inactive and this year it seems that the additional payments, i.e. taxes, chamber of commerce etc have doubled, can this be right? We seem to be paying a lot more this year but when we ask why we just...
  5. immac

    Accountancy Fees

    What is your accountant charging and what does he do for his money? I am particularly interested in services and costs for companies set up to buy property - non trading companies. How are his/her charges presented to you? Ian
  6. Mag

    Accountancy fee

    Hi, Anyone know what the average Turkish Accountant charges to do up annual set of company accounts? We set up a company in order to buy our apartment. Have been quoted fee of EU1400, but were advised last year that the annual charge would be about EU800. Seems a bit steep, don't pay that...
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