1. H

    Transferring money from Turkey to the UK

    I am in the process of selling my property, and have a few queries about the financial process. I understand that the value of the property must be paid into a Turkish bank account in TL, and I have an account set up for this. What I am unsure of is whether the deposit, and the difference...
  2. R

    Opening a bank account

    Hi. We need to open a Turkish bank account to pay in funds to purchase a property We won't own a property yet and we won't be renting one. Could we open an account with a sale contract? We have a tax number already. Thanks
  3. E

    Your English bank account could be closed if you don't have a UK address after Brexit

    As the heading says dose anyone know anything about this? Or is it just a talking point.
  4. A

    Close Garanti Bank Account

    I’m wanting to close my Garanti Bank Account and transfer the funds back to my NatWest,Account in the UK. I’ve been able to close the deposit account and transfer the balance to the current account online, but can’t find any way to close the current account and transfer the money to a UK...
  5. A89

    Nationwide Account anyone??

    Does anyone have a Nationwide account? I'm thinking of changing over to that from HSBC when I go back. if anyone has an account and recommends me I think we both get £50 or £100 each??? If anyone wants to recommend me and take advantage of the offer please PM me. Alison
  6. Kalkan regular

    Can no longer pay tax from my Turkish bank account

    Hi, got this message from the Deniz bank a couple of days ago:- 'Değerli Müşterimiz, Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı'nın kararına göre; 01.01.2020 tarihi itibari ile Bankamız kanalları üzerinden maliye vergisi tahsilatları yalnızca kredi kartı ile sağlanabilecektir. Nakit ve hesaptan vergi (Gümrük ve...
  7. A89

    Pay cash into someone elses account

    Since my performance with Denizbank I closed all my Turkish bank accounts. I will need to send 2 payments to someone in Turkey before I leave but Ive heard that you now cant pay cash into someone elses account (its less than 100tl) does anyone know if thats true? If it is true can anyone...
  8. Struggs

    Help - Google email account disabled

    I have received an email from google, (in Hotmail account) regarding a security alert. I googled this first to see if it was genuine and apparently it is a scam. But in my case this appears to not be the case, as my account has been disabled. I tried another device and browser but could not...
  9. L

    Hsbc Turkey online account

    Can anyone please tell me how to log into my account. The interface seems to have changed I have a secure key pad but I can’t find the log in on their site?
  10. A

    looking to open bank account

    Hi, Any idea what are the opening times, and what's the best bank to go for to open £ account. I am planing to buy a property in Istanbul now and wondering how to get the money there, is it simple ? is it ok to send large sum of £££'s can anyone please advise on a good property solicitor to...
  11. S

    Mods, please delete my account, im being cyberstalked

    mods, please delete my account, im being cyberstalked
  12. OWENA

    Trying to open a bank account in Bodrum

    Looks like we will be struggling to open a bank account next time we come over if my friends experience this visit is anything to go by This is what she wrote to me That sounds interesting! Despite trying to open a bank account with four banks between 11am and 5pm we were unsuccessful! At...
  13. S

    mods, please delete my alternate account i used to log back in and retrieve my old on

    i got locked out of this account, and i deleted my email previously, so i created a new account called silly with the intention of retrieving the old account, so please delete it and please forgive me because i just remembered my password. EDIT: sorry for the trouble.
  14. Graham7

    New HSBC Current account card sent to UK

    Trying to get a HSBC Current account card sent to UK. HSBC did phone me and said they were having trouble sending cards to the UK. As any one else had this trouble ? How long do you think it will take them to sort out or how long should I give them, thank for any answers.
  15. D

    HSBC Premier account.

    Deposit 100,000 TL, 16% interest, has anybody done this, what are the pros and cons. Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. T

    Is there any difference between opening an account for a foreigner and Turkish?

    Hello, Turkish guys please answer my question. When you go to open a new account in bank do they say you that you should wait for a central bank to prove this account?! When I go to any banks they say to me that you should wait. Today for example akbank say that the central akbank should prove...
  17. M

    Recommendations for joint account

    Hi there We've had a joint account with Garanti for 11 years. Our bank cards expired last month and we weren't here when they tried to deliver the new ones. That just created huge problems. After 2 weeks of trying I now finally have a new card, but my wife does not. Garanti apparently no longer...
  18. C

    adding son to my bank account

    is it possible for my husband and I add my son to our saving account I know it can be joint but another person our son be added as well is it possible as we don't getting any younger thank in advance ??
  19. A

    can a solicitor in turkey force me to pay an account

    Hi Can anybody who understands turkish law help me please. I have been dealing with a solicitor with others on a particular matter. I then asked him per email if he could look at a contract to sell my property in Turkey and I did say I would pay him for his advice as I didn't want to think...
  20. Yani

    Frozen bank account?

    We recently sold our house in Izmir, leaving some money in our HSBC account. No long after, my RP expired. I have enquired at the bank about transferring the money back to UK, but got the impression that because I had sold up and the RP was no longer valid, transferring the money may be...
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