1. ted j

    Accident outside ours

    We have an electric box outside our wall which supplies us and some villas on the other side of the road Around January his year, the villa diagonally opposite had a problem with their supply (The guy who owns it wasn't here but Zeyneb, who lives in the villa attached behind it , while checking...
  2. F

    Traffic Accidents in Turkey - What to do?

    Having now driven in Turkey for a few weeks, it's become clear than sooner or later I am likely to be involved in an accident. So, in anticipation of this awful but I'm afraid, very likely event, what should I as the driver do or don't? I might add that the car would be a rented car. I...
  3. Spurs

    Turkish waterpark accident

    Breaking news Turkish water park: Five electrocuted - BBC News Tragic.
  4. K

    At Least 85 Killed in Grand Mosque of Mecca

    At least 52 dead in crane accident in Mecca’s Grand Mosque Maybe they know something we don't! (sorry for back to back posts) At least 52 dead in crane accident in Mecca?s Grand Mosque
  5. mollag

    Serious IOM traffic accident

    Main transport link paralysed! The goat it hit is expected to make a full recovery.
  6. bal canavar

    Terrible Accident Morroco

    There has been a terrible accident bus accident in Morroco and a petrol truck carrying inflammable materials. Sorry for the translation below maybe someone can post english version . The majority of the tragic bus accident that occurred in Morocco Tan Tan which nearly 40 people were killed...
  7. juco

    Glasgow helicopter, accident theories

    Raised a new thread as I didnt want to be disrespectful to the condolences being posted. . Glenn, I still dont buy the `out of fuel` theory although it may still come to light as the reason with further investigation. This heli has 2 seperate fuel tanks both of different sizes so that it is...
  8. pepperkat

    19 dead in Balloon accident in Luxor, Egypt

    It has just been announced on the BBC ,that a hot air ballon has crashed to the ground in Luxor , killing 19 people.
  9. John O' Dreams


    I was on the road out of Altinkum going to Akbuk about 500 metres past the mosque at 5.00pm today and there were police diverting traffic from what seemed to be a very serious accident. I saw a white car which looked to have been involved in a head-on smash at high speed. Does anyone have any...
  10. altinkum kev

    Another accident

    Another death on our road from Akbuk to Altinkum, watch the video they dont close the road here as they do in UK and you are allowed up to the car to take a picture of the body on your phone. Video Link DİDİM AKBÜK YOLUNDA KAZA: 1 ÖLÜ, 4 YARALI
  11. altinkum kev

    Another accident

    Another day another accident, almost everyday of the week there is an accident at this spot.
  12. kale

    cruise ship accident

    cruise ship accident off small island ITALY mail on line kale yvonne
  13. shirleyanntr

    freak accident oba road

    here i go with yet another road accident report but this one happened last week and i still cant get over it. our neighbour was driving along the Oba to Alanya sea road when a horse ran straight into his car and came through the windscreen hitting him full in the face ... both the driver and...
  14. ZiaCa'

    Unlawful Killing Verdict - DLM Accident

    Some of you may remember this accident and the sad loss of lives. Mitcham man 'unlawfully killed' in Turkish road smash (From Your Local Guardian)
  15. Summertime

    Bad Accident

    It has been a bad accident in UK to day, 7 dead in road accident. Taunton, Sout East England.
  16. Briand

    Two Dead in jeep Accident in Turkey

    How sad Jeep which was built to hold five people but was packed with 11 people. Read more: Jonothan and Charley Pearce die in over-crowded Jeep crash on Turkish holiday | Mail Online Briand.
  17. A

    Dolmus Accident Didim

    Does anyone know about a Dolmus accident that was suposed to have happened today near the hospital in Didim....5 people we were told were killed..But I can not find any info about it....I did drive past the Alevi centre about an hour ago and it looked as if it could have happend there as the...
  18. S

    Nasty Accident

    I fear there has been a pretty horrific road accident on the main road down the mountain into Fethiye. About 2/3 way down, where the road has sweeping bends it would appear a vehicle has went over the edge. I passed it about half an hour ago and ambulance police etc were on the scene as well as...
  19. L

    fatal road accident

    It is with sad news to hear that our friend Engin died in a tragic road accident Engin was the chef and partner with Emrah and Husseyin at the KOSEDE restaurant in Yalikavak, his wife and child was also injured and we wish them a speedy recovery, Emrah looks like he's taken this very badly and...
  20. C

    The trial/tribulations of a car accident

    I had a car accident in Marmaris last Friday (18th Mar.), I was stationary at some traffic lights (red) and BANG, a Dolmus smashed into the back of me causing extensive damage, (that is the background to the accident). I got out and the drivers first words were " sorry, I am a diabetic and my...
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