1. V

    Accessing Site Management Plan

    hi - we need to access our site management plan. Can anyone please advise as to where we could access this and what is required to do so. For example we have been told that we can get this at the Title Deeds Office but we may need a solicitor to do this. Surely not? Could the site inspector not...
  2. ExG

    Accessing Betfair

    Hi everyone I'm staying Marmaris at the moment and using hotel wi-fi but when I try to access I get the following message. Ulaşmaya çalıştığınız internet sitesi Mahkeme/Savcılık kararı ile erişime engellenmiştir. Google Chrome then translates this to the following message Court...
  3. J

    Problem accessing members properties

    Hello everyone, Whilst I can access members properties for sale forum I cannot list my property for sale. I am upgrading and want to sell my current one. When I go on the forum, I go to new thread, to post my advert and it says I dont have permission to access the area. I have been a...
  4. Akasya

    Accessing Account by phone

    Good morning from a sunny surrey, need help please, Have a Finansbank account with internet access from UK, am trying to set up GSM access and have been instructed to call from UK on: 0090 212 444 0900: this number is a freephone help line with an English language option, however every time...
  5. A

    Accessing Topics

    Any ideas why I am unable to access..Ask a question and Estate Agents a necessary evil topics. As soon as I try to enter them I am thrown out of the site completely. Ann58
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