1. J

    Help - how to access mammogram facilities

    Hi all, Am currently living in Dalyan and have a breast problem. I need a mammogram to exclude anything sinister but am not sure how or where to have one done. I went to the medical centre here in Dalyan this morning and saw a doctor really briefly. He didn't examine me, just said I need to go...
  2. M

    UK Banks Access Online

    I was unable to log into my account with Barclays this week. I thought their site was down, so tried the following day. Still no joy, so I telephoned them. It seems that they are now not making online banking available to customers using, amongst others, Windows XP. Both Dave and I have...
  3. B

    Garanti BBVA Bank online access problem

    Since Garanti joined forces with BBVA recently, I have not been able to access their website. The error message shows ''Cannot securely connect to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.'' I have tried using most of the sites (Turkish) shown...
  4. L

    The national lottery web site access.

    I am with Talk Talk as my internet provider,4 years now,and have never had a problem and found them better than my previous provider BT and Sky.Recently say for the last couple of months I haven't been able to log into the National lottery web site,this being the only web site I can't access,I...
  5. A89

    UKTV access not connecting

    Is anyone else unable to connect to UK TV access this morning? alison
  6. Neil_Denizli

    UK TV Access Upgrade

    If you saw this post and tried to make the changes suggested, please roll back to Some issues are delaying deployment of the new server as quickly as we would like - sorry for the inconvenience! Warm Wishes Neil
  7. Neil_Denizli

    UK TV Access IP Address Change

    Hi Can those of you using switch to ? 182 is starting to get old age :) This is just temporary - in a couple of weeks we will be asking you all to move to new servers - double the speed, so the boffins tell us Neil
  8. A89

    UKTV access not connecting

    If anyone here uses UKTV Access and is able to connect would you please pm me your server number? The one I use seems to be down and I no longer have a spare number. alison
  9. R

    Akbank Online Access

    Hi Can anyone tell me if there is an issue accessing Akbank online? I've been trying all ways to get into my bank account without success and can't access any of their websites either? Thanks Anne
  10. G

    Garanti Bank on-line access problem

    For many days I have been trying unsuccessfully (two or three times a day) to access my Garantibank accounts on line. I successfully enter my username, password, validation code (as displayed in the box you have to copy). I enter my UK-registered mobile number and successfully receive a single...
  11. suzyq

    Gov’t blocks access of 21 private hospitals to social security

    Unfortunately the article only names 1 hospital. If you are going to use private hospitals it would be wise to ensure they accept SGK even if you have used them before. The Social Security Institution (SGK) has unilaterally canceled its contracts with 21 privately run hospitals without citing...
  12. bickern

    BBC begins blocking VPN access to iPlayer

    The BBC has begun to actively block VPN servers from accessing its iPlayer video streaming service, the broadcaster has told Torrent Freak. The block is affecting not just those from outside the UK that attempt to access the UK-only service via a VPN, but also those who use a VPN for security...
  13. Ian2006

    UKTV Access

    Hi - after messing around with filmon I am getting so frustrated. So is UKTV Access a better option and can I turn it on and off as I only need it 6 months of the year? Ps I currently use a dedicated hdmi tablet and throw the picture to my tv which I assume will work?? Thanks - Ian
  14. D

    Satelite Digiturk or VPN access?

    Me and my Turkish partner have just moved into a new apartment and looking into tv & internet packages. However, I don't really watch tv and if I do its only English channels and neither does my partner, so is it really worth us paying for digiturk and a satelite dish and just pay for...
  15. W

    Somebody trying to access my TLF account

    I had an email informing me that someone has tried to access my TLF account 5 times! They have an IP address of: Does anyone know what I should do about it please? Thanks
  16. C

    Garanti Bank not allowing access

    Has anyone had any recent problems with Internet Banking access at Garanti. For ten years I have used this system from the UK without any problems but last week encountered an error which did not allow me to proceed. All the information was put in correctly and I even received an Internet PIN...
  17. bickern

    Government U-turn on NHS access for expats

    A promise made less than two years ago to enhance rights to NHS care for Britons overseas has vanished and been replaced by a punitive surcharge. Millions of British expats have been denied access to NHS care which they were promised before the election. Changes designed to end “health...
  18. M

    New internet provider in Koycegiz

    There is a new internet provider in Koycegiz - Rocket net. Just had it installed and most impressed. (installation left a bit to be desired but will tidy up cabling myself). Unlimited downloads, good enough to watch HD video on line and all for 30TL. a month. About 200 TL. installation to put...
  19. A

    UKTV Access

    Is anyone else having difficulty contacting Neil at UKTV? My emails are being returned delayed then not sent.
  20. A

    Access problem

    Have a strange problem. Twice in the last month when I have switched on laptop there has been no internet access. The laptop does not have an off-on internet switch. Even after system restore and clearing cache I cannot get connection. Connection works ok with two other laptops in apartment. I...
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