1. bal canavar

    IRAN to hang abused child

    Please sign and share this urgent petition to ask that Razieh Ebrahimi receive a pardon so she will not be hanged to death. Razieh Ebrahimi was forced to become a child bride at 14 years of age, become a mother when she was only 15, and endure years of verbal and physical abuse from the man who...
  2. suzyq

    Just die already, policeman tells abused woman

    An İzmir police officer told an abused woman who was later murdered by her husband despite receiving state protection that he hoped she would “die soon” so that she would stop seeking assistance, the woman's lawyer has claimed. "You come here everyday. Die already and save us the trouble,” an...
  3. ceemac

    Girl, Six, Sexually Abused By 23 Classmates

    I read this but I can't believe it happened. Where the heck were the teachers? 'A six-year-old girl was stripped and sexually abused by 23 classmates on a daily basis, it has emerged.' Here C
  4. N

    Abandoned pups need homes now .

    These two pups are survivors , Found dumped in a plastic bag in Altinkum Didim. They deserve better ! Can you give them a loving home ..if so please contact me Thank you Neesan
  5. I

    Apartments abused

    Where is the posting please on some of these agents letting our properties off to people without our knowledge during the winter months to workmen etc. If so is there any legislation for this. Would like to know as people are shocked what's been happening to theirs. Angela
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