1. Camden

    Domestic Abuse

    Domestic abuse is on the rise during Lockdown ..or are we just hearing about it more ? I sad to hear how some in the Judiciary don't seem to take it serious....with the recent story of the lead singer from Kasabian .... On Tuesday, the Tom Meighan pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrate's Court...
  2. T

    Telford Abuse Scandal

    How the hell can this Really be happening in the UK 2018 again!!! Does Nobody Care anymore!!! Whilst exciting, exotic Russian spy conspiracy's consume UK headlines, Real British children are Still being Abused! Enough already!!! Good God above! Is this the image of Britain we want the...
  3. T

    IPP Sentencing - Abuse of Power!

    Been reading about this horrendous situation for the last few days. How can 3,500 prisoners still be incarcerated after this 'Bill' was abolished in 2012? Most of them have served much more time than their original sentences, but because they were incarcerated (often for minor offences)...
  4. K

    Child Abuse

    I dont understand how this can happen. Is this report true? Turkey?s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clause - CRIME
  5. teosgirl

    Abuse of child refugees in Turkey

    There have been so many reports of abuse and mistreatment of child refugees in Turkey recently, that it's time the government takes a serious stand. Refugee children have been the target of violence by shop and restaurant owners throughout Turkey (most recently in Kemeralti in Izmir) but...
  6. kemerkid

    Child Abuse in Turkey

    Child abuse Turkish style. Official arrested for child abuse, lawyer son refuses to defend him Official arrested for child abuse, lawyer son refuses to defend him - CRIME
  7. T

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops | World news | The Guardian
  8. B

    Child Abuse Inquiry.

    Goddard abuse inquiry to review Lord Janner case - BBC News I really hope that Justice Lowell Goddard does look into the decision not to prosecute Lord Janner, and the possibility of a cover-up that has taken place in all of the other allegations of child abuse...
  9. T

    Scout Association faces increase in historical sex abuse claims

    More than 50 people have instructed solicitors over historical abuse claims against the Scout Association since the Jimmy Savile scandal emerged, the BBC has learnt. The association and individual scoutmasters have also paid £897,000 in damages, lawyers for the claimants say. The Scout...
  10. beyazbayan

    Child abuse

    The bus driver who has raped 12 little boys (and doesn't think he's done anything wrong): Why thousands of Pakistani children are falling prey to paedophiles Why thousands of Pakistani children are falling prey to paedophiles Pakistan is home to 1.5m street children, 90% of whom have been...
  11. Freedom 49

    Animal Abuse in Turkey. New Law a Step Nearer.

    I've seen a lot of changes over the years I've been in Turkey in the way that people have looked towards animals. When I first came in 1971, we had bears dancing in the streets and when I settled out here back in 1996, every rubbish bin had an accumulation of cats in them scavenging and most...
  12. U

    Religious ritual or child abuse?

    New York Baby Infected With Herpes After Metzitza B'peh Circumcision Rite ? Forward.com Is this the year 2014 AD or 2014 BC?
  13. bickern

    Partner Abuse leads to death

    When a man beats a woman and she retaliates and harms/kills him a great deal of sympathy is given to her and many groups are vocal in support. Many women also receive a lenient sentence, so it will be interesting to find out how much support this guy gets and how the media will report it...
  14. 1

    Under 21 face abuse

    Uefa Charges England Over U21s Racism Row Not sure how this works! The opposition abuse young men, said young man reacts.......
  15. O

    Animal Abuse and the Law

    YAŞAT (YALIKAVAK DOĞAL YAŞAMA DESTEK DERNEĞI) would like to inform everyone of the following. Turkish Law 5199 In accordance with turkish law 5199 Article 4/b - Domesticated animals have the freedom to live according to the living conditions specific to their species. The lives of ownerless...
  16. teosgirl

    shocking child bride abuse

    LOCAL - Underage bride allegedly tortured, raped by in-laws in Turkey's northwest She must have been 14-15 when they wed (obviously in an illegal Imam ceremony) I hope they catch her relatives - the in-laws - they sounds like a really sick bunch. Charlotte
  17. teosgirl

    inquest reveals Catholic church abuse

    Dutch Catholic sex abuse scandal exposed as inquiry says up to 20,000 were victims - Telegraph This is not right! Any other institution that suffered such regular and widespread abuse scandals would have been closed down by now! It's not one or two priests, it is a hidden paedophile gang...
  18. B

    Verbal abuse from schoolchildren in Dalaman

    We have recently been subjected to schoolchildren, usually in the 12-14 age range, shouting 'f**k you' as we pass by. This is new for us after three years visiting Dalaman, it is mostly boys, but one girl even shouted it from the school bus. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not really...
  19. B

    Abuse of human rights act?

    Judges weaken rules on paedophiles - Telegraph What planet are these judges living on? Bill.
  20. S

    Animal abuse in Turkey

    There have been a couple of threads recently from animal welfare groups working in Turkey and I must say I admire and respect them thoroughly It has got me to thinking however as to the extent of animal abuse in Turkey. Before anyone goes off on their high horse I am very aware that such...
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