1. S

    Ca half Turkish kids leave Turkey without absent parent's permission?

    Hello Bit of background info, hope people can advice. I have 3 half Turkish children, only one of the kid's has Duel nationality, ages 8, 7 and 2. Two of the kids have Turkish first names, but the child with Duel nationality has a British first name. I changed her name to a British name on...
  2. L

    absent neighbour, building problem- help

    Can anyone advise me, my neighbour ( above) is only here for 2 months in the summer. He does not maintain his property , as a result I have rain damage, rain coming in, due to holes in his wall and a blocked drain on his balcony. Last year he attempted to fix the problem but simply filled the...
  3. Phil Johns

    Absent Friends

    We will be in the Alanya area in the next few weeks and were hoping to catch up with some old friends from our home town of Plymouth whilst there, however, the phone numbers we have are not getting the required result! Does anyone in the area know Frank and Wendy Brewer, they moved over in 2007...
  4. bobthenob

    Absent members

    l couldn't help but notice how many TLF members,that were once participating in the debates on a regular basis have disappeared. Where are you guys :ear: Terry and Sue:The intellectual comments they came out with made quite good reading. Mushroom:l loved his posts,quite comical,and had a lot of...
  5. T

    Absent members

    Looking through the members section I couldn't help noticing the number of members who join one day and make a post, never to return again. Strange I thought, so I just wondered who might be the longest serving member/s who still posts occasionally and have not disappeared?
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