1. Tenpin

    Info Motoring - Importing a Foreign Registered Vehicle to Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. V

    Where to holiday abroad when you live in Turkey

    I was wondering where people went on holiday to once they have moved to Turkey fulltime. I know lots of people will go back to their home country to visit family etc, but where else do people go & when? I am thinking that in the wintertime I may need a sun holiday somewhere warmer & in August I...
  3. yalimart

    Brits Abroad.

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/ahole-brit-tourists-kicked-out-13857689 From Liverpool but apparently an Irish travelling family, in a hotel room next to you. Martin
  4. N

    funds abroad

    Taxpayers who have hidden assets or income overseas could be hit with fines worth twice the amount of tax owed under strict new rules introduced by HMRC. The “requirement to correct” (RTC) legislation comes into force tomorrow and requires taxpayers to declare any foreign assets that could...
  5. B

    Solar panel - lever off when abroad?

    Hello Datca & other Forum members, may I please ask whether it is advisable to switch off the solar panel lever when travelling abroad for a longer time period? Our solar panel lever is on the roof just next to the solar panel and it is a bit of an effort to climb up to the roof and switch the...
  6. S

    Living abroad

    Well today marks 4 weeks in our new country Ireland's a distant memory although I bet locals can sill detect a trace of Irish accent in my dulcet tones For those of you who moved ft to Turkey or elsewhere abroad - how long was it before it felt like your real home?
  7. G

    Help needed with a turkish plated car purchased abroad

    Good evening everyone and thanks for allowing me to join your group. I have searched up and down the internet and this forum was the only place I could find being close to what we need to find out. We live in London and have recently purchased a left hand drive vehicle from a local auction...
  8. ted j

    Claiming UK pension while abroad

    Kath is due to get her state pension this November , so earlier this year, I went on the Gov website where it stated you had to be within 3 months and 3 days of getting it before you could fill the form in to get the ball rolling I actually tried to fill the form in before that , so I could...
  9. T

    Income Tax Exemption: Company abroad, no turkish branch, foreign currency

    Hi, I heard from a friend in Istanbul that there's a tax exemption in Turkey which says that if You're paid by a company outside of turkey and That company doesn't have a branch in Turkey and You're paid in a foreign currency then you're exempted from Turkish Income Taxes. Has anyone else...
  10. lilacdiana

    Brit's Abroad BBC Radio4

    Whilst working tonight and out and about in my car an advert came on the for a program being aired on Radio 4 next week (every day) called Brits abroad. They played clips from the program and one really caught my attention. A young man asked why is it that his friend who moved over from Poland...
  11. juco

    If driving abroad after June.

    I havent a clue what all this means...... Motorists going abroad after 8 June are being warned they will need to take a special code with them if they want to hire a car. Link... Motorists warned about problems hiring cars abroad - BBC News
  12. bal canavar

    Stop child benefits going abroad

    Angela Merkel may back David Cameron’s plan to stop child benefits going abroad EU migrants in Britain would no longer receive benefits to support children back in their home country, under a plan being discussed by the European Commission. In what would be a big boost for David Cameron...
  13. Carolyn

    Support for British Nationals Abroad - the Consular Service

  14. beyazbayan

    Brits Retiring abroad

    Weak pound and high cost of living: Why retiring abroad is now branded 'a luxury' with some popular destinations even pricier than the UK •Living abroad 'no longer an option for average Briton' say experts •France and Cyprus both almost as expensive at the UK •Canada and New Zealand living...
  15. Mushtaq

    Export a Grandma abroad - Watch out old people!

    Exporting Grandma to care homes abroad Sending elderly relatives to a care home can be a tough and emotional decision. But is booking a one-way flight to a destination 8,000 miles away a step too far? Sybille Wiedmer lives in Zurich and is packing her suitcase for a trip to Thailand. But this...
  16. T

    Living abroad when you retire advice

    I thought this might help people thinking about retiring abroad. Is your overseas retirement doomed to financial disaster? - AOL Money UK :504xn:
  17. mollag

    Peace at home, peace abroad.

    How does it look for the PM and Turkey these days? There seems to be no end of strife surrounding Turkey---- Armenia, Kurdistan--ish, Syria, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Egypt, Iran---things go from frosty to downright rabid. Anyone reckon the "peace at home, peace abroad" boast still remains?
  18. suzyq

    Brits behaving badly abroad: 5,400 tourists arrested in a year

    One British holidaymaker is arrested every two hours as they travel abroad in search of cheap drink and sun. More than 5,400 were detained by police overseas last year, including 653 held in connection with drug offences. Ministers issued a stark warning to Brits that they risk ‘throwing years...
  19. christella

    tv abroad

    just seen this it might be good Laptop Telly | Simple & easy to download and use
  20. gerald

    Smart phone calls from abroad

    BT customers can save money when making expensive calls from their mobiles using the free BT SmartTalk app. If you’re a BT home phone customer you can now make calls for the same great value as if you were using your BT calling plan, all through your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. You need to...
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