1. Spurs

    All aboard

    Perhaps these vehicles should be tested before they're unloaded. Cant blame anyone but the car manufacturers themselves, cheating sods. VW diesel car protest: Greenpeace members climb on boat - BBC News
  2. bickern

    All Aboard the POO bus!

    Britain's first bus powered by human waste BRITAIN'S first bus powered by human waste took to the streets today. The 40-seater 'Bio-Bus' is fuelled by biomethane gas generated by the treatment of sewage and food waste at a processing plant. Human poo and our wasted food are valuable resources...
  3. E

    Good to be aboard

    Hi all, Name's Alex, 29 year old Canadian fella living in Russia at the moment. Been here a year, but leaving next month. After a visit home, planning to move to Antalya in June. Found this forum useful a few times in my researches, and signed up as I've still many questions and look forward...
  4. S

    All aboard next stop Yalikavak .......

    This August will be our first time in Turkey and the excitement in the house is unbearable as this years holiday will no doubt be a huge improvement on 2009 (wet / windy & wild Weymouth under canvas). I have been reading through the forum and would like your comments / tips on the following...
  5. J

    Welcome Aboard

    :music: KAPTAN RESTAURANT is open again for business. Fabulous view of the bay, excellent food - and the BEST music in Kalkan. See you there.
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