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  1. S

    Will the Finanse bank suspend my a/c if I have not used it for a while?

    Hi We opened a passbook Euro a/c in Istanbul in Aug 2011 because we intended to move to Turkey. But things did n't pan out and we ended up in KL for 18months ,and are now in New Zealand. So our Euro are marooned in Istanbul!!!. It is not an internet a/c. We have emailed the bank ,but no reply...
  2. P

    A/C control needed.

    I have diamond a/c units, but unfortunately Diamond no longer exists in Turkey Does anyone have a Diamond remote control I can purchase as mine is goosed and I can't get a new one? Thank you
  3. F

    HSBC Bank A/C

    İ recieved an email from HSBC bank this morning on opening the email it informed me that a secure payment had been made into my A/C. from amityschool.net and to view this transaction i would have to give my email and secure password so if anyone get one of these emails dont open the link its a...
  4. J

    advice on a/c

    hi just need a bit of advice if a room is 16 feet x 13 feet.will i need 9000 btu or a 7000 btu is sufficient?also has anybody had any experience with altus washing machines or should i buy beko or arcelik only thank u in advance
  5. niyaz

    Main a/c single switch

    Hi , i have a main a/c on/off switch which is 20 amps at my place in Dalaman. It trips after 2 or 3 days. When no appliance is on it still trips. I got the electrician over and he replaced another one and it still trips. Non of the electrical switches in the house ever trip. Just the main one...
  6. T

    A/C energy saving controls

    Hi Has anyone successfully introduced any form of control on A/C to help keep the cost down. Particularly interested in retro fit without unsightly cables. No problem while we are using the place ourselves but we rent it out and some guests seem to feel they have paid enough to allow them to do...
  7. Spike

    Dalaman - Bed, a/c, cooker, fridge etc. to go.

    Hi all, Folowing stuff available at Dalaman. Fridge, Siemens 49NA70 S/S (Inox), 1,400tl (2 year old, used for 1 1/2) Oven, Siemens S/S (Inox), 900 (2 year old, used for 1 1/2) Washing machine, Arcelik, 250 A/C, Vestel, 12,000 Btu, 350 A/C, Arcelik, 7,000 Btu, 200 Hi-tech stand for TV/Stereo...
  8. B

    Nationwide Flex a/c card

    In Turkey last week I used the Flex card for the first time. What a winner. The best fx rates I saw all week were ranging 2.10 to 2.15 in the 'street'. The card and I have just checked came in with a whacking 2.31 !!!!! No competition which I will use in future.
  9. M

    rough idea on price for small a/c unit

    i am going to our apartment in 3 weeks in marmaris anybody got an idea for best prices for a small a/c unit for bedroom and where cant be running around in those temperatures also need to buy a internal panelled door
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