9 or 11

  1. Camden

    9/11 Saudi Help

    U.S. weighs releasing name sought in Saudi 9/11 suit The name was redacted from a 2012 FBI document describing assistance given by men in Southern California to two of the hijackers. WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is wrestling with whether to disclose a name sought by the plaintiffs in a...
  2. Spurs


    2001 & yet so etched on our minds that it seems like it could've been last year. One of those events. Not forgotten.......RIP
  3. bal canavar

    9/11 15th anniversary commemoration

    R.I.P. Official 9/11 Memorial Museum Tribute In Time-Lapse 2004-2014 - YouTube
  4. yalimart


    RIP all those slaughtered by terrorists 14 years ago today. Martin
  5. Firefox

    Saudi Arabia Sued for 9/11

    Interesting case brought by the families of 9/11. Saudi Arabia Asks To Be Dropped From Lawsuits | LBC If Saudi was responsible for Sep 11 then why was Afghanistan Bombed and 550 UK solders lost their Lives.
  6. juco


    ‘Tony Rooke, in an act of civil disobedience, refused to pay the mandatory £130 TV license fee claiming it violates Section 15 of the Terrorism Act. Rooke’s accusation was aimed at the BBC who reported the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it actually fell, and the judge accepted Rooke’s...
  7. B

    Tribute to 9/11 victims.

    BBC News - One World Trade Center spire installed in New York City This is a magnificent tribute to all those innocent victims of the 9/11 atrocity. Bill.
  8. juco

    BBC being taken to court over 9/11

    Global research, unreported in mainstream media...
  9. S

    New 9/11 Movie

    Sheen and Harrelson to star in 9/11 'truther' film - Yahoo! Movies UK
  10. A

    Victims of 9/11 plane crashes dumped in landfill

    A report released by the Pentagon on Tuesday reveals that the remains of some victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks were incinerated and dumped in a suburban Virginia landfill. This latest news comes as the findings of a Defense Department-led investigation into the alleged mismanagement...
  11. A

    Hundreds of 9/11 cops diagnosed with cancer

    The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took the lives of 23 NYPD officers who responded to the scene that day. In the decade since though, the number of cops that have died from cancer is more than double that number, and the link, experts say, is astounding. Before the 9/11 tragedy, an...
  12. Lillylilly

    Controversial picture 9/11

    I dont really know what to make of this picture? Of course you have to read the article as well. The meaning of 9/11's most controversial photo | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
  13. Bibby

    9/11 Memorial, -like it??

    I like it a lot, though I wish they had incorporated the vertical spotlights in the centre of each one. But maybe that'd have spoilt the effect. I love the curtains of water, the sound, the way the breeze causes disturbances in the fall. It looks magical at night, I think.
  14. E

    9/11 ten year anniversary.

    Never never forget. And God Bless America. Wishing you a good and thoughtful day John le Neve and your fellow Americans:)
  15. culturevulture

    Do ordinary Afghans know about 9/11??

    92% of ordinary Afghns know nothing about 9/11. Disturbing and sad, considering what they have suffered in the aftermath of the event. Quiet a few of the newsmedia are running with this story today. Most Afghans do not even know about 9/11, according to disturbing poll | Mail Online What Do...
  16. Firefox

    Did 9/11 happen???

    As the 10th anniversary approaches more & more people in the West are asking if 9/11 was stage managed or did really occur. In-fact more then 1/5 are now doubtful. What Do you think did it happen as it was seen YES or No ???? Here BBC News - 9/11 conspiracy theories: How they've evolved
  17. juco

    Rumsfield & Cheney getting sued for 9/11

  18. SuperBogs

    Investigation on 9/11 towers started

    Yahoo! Newely released photos have come about as apparently they are starting an investigation regarding the structural failures of the world trade center twin towers. I for one am very glad that this investigation is happening. It will either bring shame and legal ramifications to many or it...
  19. Martyn

    9/11 what was it like if jumping was the best option?

    No matter who caused it what was it like for these people when jumping was the best option. YouTube - 911 Jumpers, Twin Towers Jumpers, World Trade Center, WTC Sad Tragedy
  20. david & emma

    9/11 Five years on.

    Just sat watching the replays & memorial services of the twin towers, & wondered if we could all spare a thought for the victims and their loved ones on this sad anniversary." BLESS THEM ALL!" Sorry if this makes anyone sad.
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