1. K

    UK General Election June 8th

    Mrs May has called a general election for June 8th.
  2. O

    Flight ticket - Izmir to Gatwick 30th Jun, return to Izmir 8th Jul

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, a friend of mine is unable to use her Easyjet Flights from Izmir to Gatwick on 30th June and Gatwick to Izmir 8th July. If anyone is interested in buying these, please PM me or send me your email any other way and I will put you in touch with my friend. The...
  3. M

    Ramazan starts Tuesday 9th July

    Don't forget Ramazan starts on Tuesday 8th July and there's a three day public holiday at the end of it ( Sugar Bayram). Banks and some businesses will be closed 8th-10th August. Get some goodies ready for the kids. Don't worry all you plonkies bars are still open:)
  4. A

    Going to Izmir on the 8th of May

    Hi, I am going to Izmir on wednesday, 8th of May. I have to get from the airport to Bornova. Would it be better/easier to arrange for a taxi in advance or try getting the bus? thanks
  5. I

    ufuk new video on youtube 8th dec 2011

    Hi all We have bought at Ufuk Appollon block and have returned on 8th december 2011. I have made a video and put it on youtube, simply search 'ufuk hillside resort' and it should be top result. It was very quiet at ufuk, no one around, just utku and the workers. Some digging work is going on...
  6. L

    manchester to Bodrum 8th October

    Is anyone on this flight from Manchester to Bodrum 8th October 8.55am., as I travelling alone and it may be nice to grab a coffee and meet other TLF members. The flight is with Aegean.
  7. R

    Flıght to UK Wanted Wk end 8th Oct

    Anyone got a one way flıght for sale from Bodrum or Izmır to anywhere ın UK for Thur, Frı or Sat 7th -9th Oct - ıdeally Bodrum to Belfast but wıll consıder anythıng ıf prıce ıs rıght. thanks :12:
  8. G

    meet ups ? (3rd Sep to 8th Nov)

    anyone fancy meeting up between 3rd sept and 8th nov ??
  9. D

    Latin Night at Cafe Karadut, Gumusluk on Sunday 8th August - All welcome

    On Sunday 8th August 2010, Cafe Karadut will be having a Latin night starting at 8pm. All welcome No Entrance charge Surprise at 9pm! Cafe Karadut is behind the Mosque and Post Office in Gumusluk village. Please join Gulay and her lovely staff at Karadut Call Gulay for reservation 0533 7334528
  10. animalmad34

    Can Anyone Help me - I have 2 dogs that i need Fostered until 8th October!!!!

    39 DAYS FOSTER NEEDED ONLY UNTIL THE 31ST AUGUST!! Incase of Any confusion I rescue Street Dogs in turkey and take them to a better life in the uk, Holland or Germany.. I am Looking for Foster Homes for 2 Dogs.. Jack - 6mth Old Shepherd boy Freddy - 8yrs Senior Boy They live together now...
  11. B

    8th time to Turgutreis, thinking of risking flights only

    Hi all, We desperatly want a holiday this year but are on a really tight budget (I'm a self emp joiner/builder and have struggled for work) if we can get cheap flights does anyone know of any budget self catering apts where we can basically turn up and pay (cash if necc) for 2 weeks!? (2...
  12. F

    Return Flite fr Birmingham-Bodrum FOR SALE 8th May-15th May

    Hi There, I have a return Flight for sale, due to being unable to travel on this date, im offering it to you guys for a cheap price.... BHX- BJV 8th May - 15th May 2010 it includes 15kg baggage allowance. its still selling on aegeanflights now at £203.50. including the 15kg baggage. Im open...
  13. lara

    Travelling to Dalaman on the 8th?

    I'm travelling from Mancester to Dalaman on the 8th, a week today. Anyone going from Mancester, my flight leaves at 9am. Would love some TL company.:47:
  14. Sunny Seasider

    8th of May - Not to be Missed!!!

    For all Turkish Living Forum Members and friends, Myself, Sue and Ibrahim will be holding a very special party to support our four legged friends of Yalikavak. The Theme of this party will be "WIGS" and there will be a prize for the person wearing the best wig. We will also be a holding a...
  15. B

    Payment Demand 8th September 2009

    Hi all, Afetr having returned from the Hillside early this am, I have just received the same e.mail many others of you will find in your inboxes this afternoon. There goes the central filtration and meter plus other requests again !!!! Not only that but we receive a clear threat of an...
  16. T

    Anyone fancy a drink at Sunset Cafe between 8th and 20th June.

    Hi there, If anyone is interested and over in the area between 8th June - 20th June would you like to meet up for a beer at the Sunset Cafe? Sunset is neutral ground for all of us. Anyone interested? Let me know either by replying on this thread or PM me. Cheers! TJD.
  17. KKOB

    Walk To Af Kule Monastery 8th June

    I'm going to organise a walk out to the ruins of Af Kule Monastery on the afternoon of Sunday 8th June. In order to get the best lighting conditions for those wishing to take photographs, we'll be meeting at the Af Kule turning on the road from Kaya Koyu to Gemiler Beach at 4pm. For those of...
  18. Sniffy

    Share transport 8th July

    Hi My daughter and her boyfriend are coming to Datca 8th July -landing 03.50. If anyone else is there at this early hour maybe they would like to share transport with two teenagers going alone abroad for 1st time!
  19. luckycat68

    Birmingham - Bodrum 8th April

    Just wondered if there is anyone flying to Bodrum from Birmingham on Tuesday 8th April at 10 15 am - Onur air ?? If so maybe we can arrange to meet up in the departure lounge for a coffee and a chat ? Cheers Sue :438qr:
  20. Debby

    National Womens Day 8th March...

    Its National Womens Day On Saturday 8th March...sooooooooo we are organising a Night out for the women of Kusadasi !!! Meal at Gondol 8pm......followed by a wee drink at Golden Oldies ... maybe even organise a Karaoke in the GO !! So if your up for a good night out ( it is after all for a good...
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