1. T

    The Mill - Tonight C4 8pm

    Follows the lives of factory workers shortly after the 'Poor Law' was amended in 1834. "Malthusianism[edit] An Essay on the Principle of Population by Malthus set out the influential doctrine that population growth was geometric, and unless checked, increased faster than the ability of a...
  2. jcrian

    BBC2 8pm Tonight

    In the UK, there is a program on BBC2 at 8pm tonight. Rick Stein travelling through Southeastern Turkey where he has said he had the best Kebab he's ever eaten...............obviously hasn't been to Koycegiz!! :lol:
  3. Andy

    A place in the sun 8pm

    A place in the sun 8pm & 2-30am Another chance to see A PLACE IN THE SUN in Turkey 8pm & 2-30am on sky discovery channel 283. This programme explores the Aegean coast. ALTINKUM & KUSADASI area's. With £35,000 to spend this couple search for their place in the sun. For those that haven't...
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