1. bickern

    EU destroys 700,000 hectares of rainforest

    The European Union wants to protect the climate and reduce carbon emissions from motor vehicles by blending fuels with increasing shares of supposedly eco-friendly “biofuels”. Last year, 1.9 million tons of palm oil were added to diesel fuel in the EU – in addition to millions of tons of...
  2. bal canavar

    700 migrants feared dead

    I don't understand why the EU with all their navies don't come to some rotating arrangement using their ships to turn back migrants boats. They could speak and negotiate with Libya to patrol just offshore of the Libyan coast to stop these economic migrants from getting to the open sea ...
  3. greeny

    3 bed det villa big pool all on 700 sq mtr plot

    Im unable to Complete the sale of my new dream villa at BAFA LAKE They now sell off plan for £95 .000 gbp I am Selling At £70.000 gbp big det 3 beds 2 bathrooms big private 32sq mtr pool nearly Completed its on 700 sq mtr plot you find details on mushroomhome web site look under 95k villas If...
  4. VWBug

    Cameras - Nikon D70 , Canon IXUS 700

    Re: My ebay sales What is the D70??
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