1. teosgirl

    UK education ranks 6th in the world

    20 Best Education Systems In The World ? MBC Times It's interesting to see that we beat all other EU countries (except Finland). It's sad to see Turkey didn't even make the top 20 although I'm not surprised. Charlotte
  2. bal canavar

    No more naughty parts for 6th graders

    Genitalia wiped out of some Turkish school books. Turkey’s sixth graders now see cute animals instead of human genitalia in their school books on science, stirring a fresh 'culture clash' debate. ' According to Education No. 1 Branch President Abdullah Tunalı Counselor “We think the...
  3. Freedom 49

    Turkey, 6th in Holiday Listings.

    After the adverse publicity that Turkey gets from time to time, it's great to see that we come well inside the Top 10 regarding Holiday Destinations. Here's to another good season!! :bounce::bounce::bounce: The most popular countries in the world for holidays - and France comes out on top |...
  4. arrian

    Olympics 6th ring!!!!

    this couldn't be a more perfect picture!!! Breathtaking photo shows full moon forming sixth ring in Olympic display on London's Tower Bridge | Mail Online
  5. peter the postie

    Who is about after the 6th August then?

    Yay, we fly out to Altinkum in two weeks :) ... might be interesting to put a few faces to names. Strictly no United fans though :hmm:
  6. P

    Charity Auction June 6th

    We are having a charity auction again on June 6th starts 7pm at Erol's wine house in Didim, please bring your things between 10am and 4pm, you get 90% if sold the other 10% goes to Helping hands charity, which is sponsored by Didim council.
  7. P

    Looking for Apartment/Hotel 6th July for 6 weeks

    Hi there can anyone help me? I am looking to rent an apartment in Marmaris from 6 July for 6 weeks, either a one bed apartment or hotel.
  8. B

    Lakeside Garden AGM - 6th May

    We are now less than 2 weeks away from the first Lakeside Garden AGM on 6th May. Many owners are attending and many others have arranged proxy votes. I am sure that this will be a very interesting meeting. Although Artev will be attending as they still own a number of properties, I have also...
  9. I

    Olive Gardens July 6th 2007 pictures

    Latest Pictures from Olive gardens development, sorry there are many more pictures but we are limited to a maximum of 5 at each posting. Regards Ian :splat:
  10. A

    Liverpool going for the 6th

    Barcelona 1 Liverpool 2 Walk on the mighty reds 6th European cup on the way what a second half Chelsea only drew bring it on
  11. shirleyanntr

    6th basic about here and there

    the last time no.5 we looked at question words one in particular was Ne+Re .meaning 'what place?' NEREDE said .. nerrde..where at?...literally -what place at Ne+Re+DEN..where from? literally- what place from NE+Re+YE..where to? literally -what place to do you...
  12. luckycat68

    Get Together - 6th Sept- Yalikavak

    Hi everyone Well doesnt the time fly !! only seems like yesterday since I was arranging the last Get together ! Well several people have been asking when the next one will be -- as there seems to be alot of folks out in September I thought that I will set the date for WEDS 6 th SEPT - 8 pm --...
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