1. B

    anyone out on the 5th feb

    hi all , I,m on the scrounge again lol. if anyone is coming out around this time and lives near a tesco or asda and has a little room in there case for mint sauce (tesco value range 7p) and gravy granules (tesco chicken 170g 58p)and tesco value brown sauce 535g 26p i would be very greatful . ps...
  2. shirleyanntr

    5th basic for new learners

    basic 5 is about question words. we all need to ask for something or somewhere or someone at some time or another. So here are a few question words...and some endings to use with them. Some of them you will know and some of you who are really starting off might find it a bit hard..but keep at...
  3. C

    5th May - Are you near Yalikavak??

    Hi There seems to be quite a few of us who are out to the Bodrum Peninsular next week to furnish our places. Does anyone fancing meeting up on Friday 5th May at the Morgul Antik restaurant in Yalikavak (luckycat68 - Sue's place) say 8pm? Carol
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