1. immac

    A.J.S. iİNGİLİZ MOTORSİKLET 500 cc 1948

    A.J.S. 500 cc 1948 This is nothing to do with me, but while looking for something else I came across this 1948 AJS for sale. Anyone need a winter project? 15000TL seems cheap. Sahibinden Sat?l?k 1948 Model 12345 Km Di?er Markalar Di?er Modeller 15.000 TL - 188014432 Ian
  2. juco

    The legal 500 series

    I am not recommending this as I just happened to come across it but it appears to be an international recommendation for law firms by country based on independent research and results achieved. The Legal 500 - About us
  3. B

    EDL march. 1,500 expected.

    BBC News - Newcastle EDL march 'attracts 1,500' I'm surprised that this number of people are expected at an EDL rally. As there is to be an opposing rally, I hope that everything remains peaceful, but I doubt it will. Bill.
  4. superpp

    Blackbox 500 Satellite Receiver

    Hi, For sale satellite receiver, it's a Blackbox 500. This is a new linux based receiver based on the classic dreambox 500s. Loaded with latest software. Only 2 months old. Box is in UK so ideal for anyone to take out to Turkey. £50 including UK postage.
  5. pineapple1

    Killer Bats attack 500 people

    What ugly creatures they are , Like out of a horror movie ,,,,Diane Killer vampire bats attack 500 people - Telegraph
  6. ceemac

    7,500 Tons of Sand to Be Used in Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

    This is one helluva long festival! '7,500 tons of sand will be used in the Antalya International Sand Sculpture festival. Thirty sculptors from ten countries who have begun working on the sand sculptures will finish their works in April 20. Festival director Cem Karaca said Thursday the...
  7. Mirazz

    500 Words

    I have just started Turkish classes at the local college last week, and although I have had 18 months of private lessons, I am still useless :77wu::77wu: No, I am not useless really, I have just forgotten a lot as I haven't had a lesson since April when my teacher left to go back to Turkey. I...
  8. A

    500 Lire for winter rental in İllica????

    A good Turkish couple İ know and their 12 year old daughter are looking for an unfurnished apt or house for long-term rental now and over winter months but can only pay a total of 500 Lire per month. Does anyone have anythıng they could vıew please? Preferably at least 2 bedrooms and a nice...
  9. Marc

    500 Thankyou's to Barry in the Harbour Bar from the Kids in Akbuk

    After a long 4 hour parade during todays childrens festival, which was well supported the kids marched back to school into the yard to be told by the Headmaster that "Barry from the Harbour Bar" has bought all the kids a bottle of pop and a cake. The roar was almost as loud as the parade, they...
  10. kennynsue

    For Sale - Smoothie Maker £87,500 Plus Free Bungalow

    3 Year Old Private Bungalow For Sale In Yalikavak. Private Pool And Garden, 2 Bedrooms, Open-plan Kitchen And Lounge, Air Conditioning In Main Bedroom, Along With Built In Wardrobes, All Light Fittings Included In Price, Plus Fridge/freezer, Dishwasher And Washing Machine. Only 12 minute walk...
  11. Andy

    Free eye test + 500 Nectar points

    FREE Eye Test Claim your online vouchers to get a Free eye test (Normal Price £27.50) and 500 bonus points . Plus earn quadruple Nectar bonus points when you buy glasses. To receive your vouchers exclusive to Nectar Cardholders simply enter your details beneath the vouchers opposite. Visit...
  12. peter the postie

    500 Free E books!!!

    Right you tight lot.. grab a free e book or two, or three :lmao: ftp://ftp.uar.net/pub/e-books/ ftp://ftp.uar.net/pub/e-books/ OVER 500 EBOOKS...ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING..RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS TO DOWNLOAD.
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