1. C

    Jazz and Blues-Free screening of the 40th Montreux Jazz Festival (2006)

    Ahmet Ertugun Tribute Concert Film – World Premiere Friday 23 September 9:00 Bodrum Harbour Square. Free. Friends of Ahmet Ertegün, Claude Nobs the founder of Montreux Jazz Festival and some guest artists from the 40th Montreux Jazz Festival (2006) have arrived in Bodrum to be there when the...
  2. Andy

    Happy 40th Birthday Roydsio

    Happy 40th Birthday Roydsio. Enjoy your special day:thumbup: Best Wishes mate :pressie:
  3. ceemac

    40th Moon Landing Anniversary

    Probably most of you will realise that this year is the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's historic moon landing. I was 12 and we all got up at something like 4am to see it live on TV - I can remember how it really did excite people at the time and fire the imagination. That Christmas, I got an...
  4. Andy

    Happy 40th Birthday Sara

    Happy 40th Birthday Sara, enjoy your special day Best Wishes:52:
  5. Andy

    Turkishbellydancer 40th

    Many happy returns of the day turkishbellydancer I hope your 40th will be the best so far. Best Wishes :pressie: :pressie:
  6. Andy

    Gail's 40th Birthday

    Many Happy Returns of the day Gail As we all know 1966 was a great year and an even more special one for your Mum. Have a fantastic 40th birthday Gail Best Wishes :pressie: :pressie:
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