1. Neil_Denizli

    4000 for housepainting

    Ive been quoted 4000 for house-painting - also including plastering where needed, little snagging jobs, leaks and minor plumbing: basically turning the place into somewhere smart and fit to live. Quote includes all materials. House is around 200m2 and this is inside work, outside not included...
  2. peter the postie

    4000 and I'm still here!

    I have just made my 4000th post. Admittedly it was another sarcastic one, but what the hell :) I've had scrapes along the way with some members, but I've kissed and made up with 99% of them so I reckon I can't be all bad can I ?? Here's to many more posts & scrapes :moonie:
  3. S

    4000 posts

    Just a quickie to say I am chuffed to reach 4000 posts Would just like to thank my official 9 TLF friends and the 2742 members who I have had rows with! heres to another 4000 posts
  4. merlin

    Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook.... Nice piece of kit!

    See the full review here! Very nice Merv!
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