1. bickern

    Şeker Bayramı is about to start

    Şeker Bayramı Ramazan is now coming to an end, the three-day national holiday of Ramazan Bayramı known as Şeker Bayramı, (The Sugar Festival) is about to start. Tomorrow, Sunday will be a half-day "preparation", on Monday 27 July the three day holiday begins proper and ends on 30 July...
  2. culturevulture

    Şeker bayramı in Didim/Altinkum

    Hi, For those of you have been here when this happens, can you tell me please, if there will be street events during this time? Will there be other events, or will everyone be indoors partying? I am really looking forward to this, as it is something I have never experiened. I have loads of...
  3. shirleyanntr

    thursday is the start of Şeker Bayramı

    here's a reminder that Ramazan is almost over and Şeker bayramı starts on Thursday ..so dont forget all the banks and public office plus other places wil be closed for 3/5 days ..as one of the days will be on a weekend the banks may be closed on Monday. The Cash machines in some places will...
  4. shirleyanntr

    Antakya and Şeker Bayram

    We went to Antakya (Hatay) for the Şeker Bayram came back yesterday.(Lots of visiting and food food food.. ooof) Antakya is on the Syrian border and the border crossings were open for the holiday as there are lots of people with relatives on either side. Antakya was once called Antioch and was...
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