1. bal canavar

    Police assault cellist in İstanbul, call her ‘terrorist’

    The mentality of the police sent to control the Metro entrances, these outsider police with low thinking and not from the district...... see Kadikoy (Istanbul) as to liberal/western a hot bed of anti-Akp being a CHP district. They use these special powers brought in for the Coup to lay down...
  2. beyazbayan

    İstanbul metro

    Spent a few days in İstanbul there are now guards on the metro. İ was pulled over and had my bags scanned. Also felt the security at Ataturk had been strengthened.
  3. beyazbayan

    Heavy Security on İstanbul flights

    Yesterday from Gatwick special teams were at the gate of the Turkish Air flights. One man and a dog, one grey suit and four heavy mob paying particular attention to young men. At İstanbul, Ataturk my hand luggage was opened when we arrived at Alanya we were taken to the no 1 terminal and...
  4. beyazbayan

    İstanbul Metro

    Having spent six days in the city İ can now pass on my valuable observations on how to use the metro system. 1. Do not read any of the signs or instructions especially those on the card and jeton machines. Wait until it doesn't work then ask the nearest simitici how to operate it. 2. İgnore...
  5. shirleyanntr

    Gay Prıde İstanbul

    the annual Pride march through İstanbul yesterday was an even bigger and more colourful event than last year Some of the slogans were really defiant messages to RTE and AKP one in particular will rouse the wrath of the Sultan it referred to his ordering women to have at least 3 children the...
  6. shirleyanntr

    İstanbul bus driver punches woman

    talk about a short fuse..she tried to give as good as she got but he really punched her in the face..terrible VIDEO: Bus driver beats woman in traffic fight - LOCAL
  7. shirleyanntr

    İstanbul traders feeling the fall of the lira

    İstanbul — Retired nurse Ayse says she can only afford to look at the shops lining Istanbul's busy shopping street, a colourful mix of high-street brands, bustling cafes and bazaars. "I am here for window shopping only. I can't spend my money on beauty products, haircuts or vacations," the...
  8. beyazbayan

    American woman murdered İstanbul

    Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder. Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder
  9. Squeaky

    İstanbul court accepts indictment seeking life for ex-military chief

    Good evening: “The indictment, submitted to the İstanbul 13th High Criminal Court last month, accuses Başbuğ of “establishing or administering a terrorist organization” and “seeking to unseat the government of the Republic of Turkey by force.” In his defense, Başbuğ denied all the charges...
  10. A

    Real estate investment in İstanbul

    There are many luxury housing projects in Istanbul, Istanbul is being rebuilt and very profitable investments like Ağaoğlu, Dumankaya, Varyap... What do you think about real estate investments and projects in Istanbul? Please share your experiences.
  11. shirleyanntr

    ''sex bus'' row in İstanbul

    This incident could be funny if it wasnt a sign of things to come. The young couple on the bus were said to be just holding hands. The comments at the end of the article are also very interesting. ‘Sex bus’ quarrel results in violence, investigation in Istanbul - Hurriyet Daily News and...
  12. A

    AssistCar Rental İstanbul,İzmir,Kuşadası,Kayseri

    Hi Everbody, We are one of a leading car hire company since 2000 with ISO9001-2000 international quality sertificate in Turkey.Our major offices are in İstanbul,İzmir,Kuşadası and Kayseri.
  13. ceemac

    A spring day in İstanbul

    Spring has arrived in Turkey. Tulips have started to bloom, and violets along roads are the surest sign that winter has come to an end. Here C
  14. shirleyanntr

    Nuclear weapons in İstanbul

    this was a surprise to me..i always imagined they (the US.)would have nuclear weapons in the American İncirlik base ...but in İstanbul..and then they go on about İran. İts farcical. Retired Turkish ambassador claims nuclear bombs stored in Istanbul - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  15. ceemac

    Eat your way around Turkey -- without ever leaving İstanbul

    Over the last 20 years İstanbul has grown enormously. A city that had at the time of the Ottoman conquest in 1453 a population of around 60,000 is now bursting at the seams under the strain of perhaps 16 million residents, with its furthest reaches now sprawling almost all the way to Tekirdağ on...
  16. suzyq

    Drogheda to İstanbul -- Austin's big adventure

    So you walked all the way from Ireland to İstanbul? That’s quite some journey. How on earth did it come about? Drogheda to Istanbul -- Austin's big adventure
  17. shirleyanntr

    Obama in İstanbul

    Did anybody see the TV coverage of Barak Obama ..he looked very impressed with the Blue Mosque and Aya Sophia, two of the most beautiful places in İstanbul. İ cant think of any other city with so many spectacular historical buildings rubbing shoulders with each other..as also in the same...
  18. N

    Sahipsız İstanbul

    Sahipsız İstanbul ( in turkish ) It was to do with the homeless dogs and cats in Istanbul, very good but some very upsetting pictures/videos/FACTS! ( footage of a dog being thrown into a dustbin truck- being crushed alive.. and the dead bodies of illegaly posiend SHELTER dogs ect ). About how...
  19. bickern

    Housing bargains in İstanbul

    İstanbul continues to attract foreigners who want to wake up to views of the Bosporus and live in a city half as old as time and still enjoy world-class concerts and performances like the one to be held in February by the acclaimed cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. “Inside one square kilometer you can...
  20. shirleyanntr

    İstanbul building collapses.

    There was lot on the TV news today about a 5 storey building in İstanbul that collapsed after midnight last night. Two people were killed and about 25 injured. People on the road saw the building moving and threw stones etc at the windows to alert the people inside..this probably saved quite a...
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