1. D

    İ'm looking for a transport service between the uk and Aegian area

    A Turkish friend of mine is hell bent on sourcing a panel for his VW in the uk and i am trying to find a way of transporting it to İzmir or thereabouts! Any links or recommendations appreciated:
  2. shirleyanntr

    İ"m sad for Turkey

    these days i worry and wonder just where this potentially great country will end up. Fanatics are everywhere village mentality is taking over. You may have seen Game of Thrones but did you know it could have a bad effect on military cadets and that it insults Turkey according to some people in...
  3. shirleyanntr

    İ'm puzzled

    sorry this is in the wrong place...ive asked for it to be put on the language forum xx
  4. shirleyanntr

    İ'm jealous of you lot over 'there'

    well not really..but i am jealous that you seem to have some great newspapers such as Voices' and there does seem more of a community feel to sharing information...'over there'..aka Ege/Aegean tarafta Dont misunderstand me i have no wish to be in a British enclave as seems to be the case 'over...
  5. Peaceplant

    Help İ'm poorly

    Universal Hospital plan? Of course we have not got around to sorting health insurance out because we are daft!! Now İ feel İ need checking over and know in the bigger cities you can get a body MOT for a reasonable sum. İ wondered if anyone knew of anything in the Bodrum area? İ am sure...
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