1. bickern

    British Muslims handed out 3000 red roses

    People walking on London Bridge today were given 3,000 red roses in a show of solidarity and love. The beautiful idea was arranged by British Muslims who wanted to do something to help after eight people died in a terror attack last weekend. Each rose carried ‘messages of love to the world’...
  2. Firefox

    3000 Jobs Go At BAe

    Weapons/ Arms / Bomb Maker BAe system’s who won most Contracts through Bribery, Sid Kicks and arranging high class prostitutes for Arab Prince is to shed 3000 in the UK due to lack of business Here BBC News - BAE Systems confirms plans to cut nearly 3,000 jobs may be these engineers can...
  3. S

    3000+ posts!

    Excellent! Have just passed the 3000 post mark!!!!!! Sod ceasefires and birthdays! Business as usual! In your face, mail readers, rednecks, dodgey emlaks, yankee wannabees, ex plods et al! Its great being old!
  4. Andy

    3000 Membership

    :thanks: Well done Mushtaq youv'e now reached the 3000th member thats joined TLF Just goes to show how popular it's becoming and i'm glad to be part of it. :clap:
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