1. J

    kayakoy 300 bed hotel plans

    This news was published a couple of weeks ago now in the Turkish press. It seems the Turkish pm has approved plans for the construction of a huge 300 bed hotel in Kayakoy. Just wonder if anyone from Kayakoy has heard of these plans and what they think about them? Kayaköy'e 300 yataklý otel -...
  2. N

    Advice needed on the 300 day waiting period for foreign nationals marrying in turkey?

    Hi i was hoping someone could help me, myself and partner are wanting to get married in turkey next september 2013 in sarigerme, The problem is i will not get my decree absolute untill the end of this year and if this 300 day waiting period applies i will not be able to get married, first...
  3. guzzigeezer

    UK Elddis 300 A Class - 2.0 Petrol + LPG for Sale in Turkey

    After much soul searching, I've decided to put my trusty home for the last 8 months up for sale. Photos of the camper are on this link. please pm me for link as this website will not let me post links At the moment she is in Kas, Turkey but I shall be heading back to the UK at the end of April...
  4. V

    Voices: 300 up

    VOICES Newspaper prints its 300th edition this Saturday. The newspaper was set up six years ago and has gone from strength to strength each year. Its online website just recorded month-on-month and year on year record hits and views. If it's permitted by the moderators, we would just like to...
  5. A

    Marrying in Turkey - 300 day wait for divorced women

    Hi all. I am hoping to 'do the deed' and marry my Turkish partner over in Turkey within the next 6 months. I have read numerous websites with conflicting info about divorced women marrying in Turkey; some saying that you have to wait 300 days and others stating this rule no longer applies. Does...
  6. S


    Welcome to our latest members and I think Greenking was our 300 member, nice to see you here Greenking:)
  7. S

    8 more and we have 300 members

    A big warm turkish living WELCOME OR HOS GELDINIZ to all of our newest members, please post anything you like, turkey related or not. we are a friendly bunch here it's like one big happy family. :D[8D][:X]
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