1. teosgirl

    30% of Syrian kids in education

    Only 30 pct of Turkey?s Syrian children have access to education: Disaster agency head - LOCAL Hidden child labour: how Syrian refugees in Turkey are supplying Europe with fast fashion | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian The factory’s supervisor agrees that 12 years old is very...
  2. L

    pegasus 30% off----my harse

    I,ve been looking for flights for april and looked at b.a.com easyjet Turkish airlines and Pegasus. A day or two has passed since last looked and an email popped up from Pegasus saying book a flight between 6-7 feb and get a 30% discount to Pegasus club members only. I quickly looked and logged...
  3. culturevulture

    Pegasus 30% off domestic flight

    Pegasus are offering 30% didcount off domestic flights for the month of June. http://www.flypgs.com/en/fly-with-pegasus/campaigns.aspx/#220 Mary.
  4. merlin

    Turkish Economy Growth is up at 30%....

    The Turkish 2006 budget and investment program was assessed by Turkish State Minister & Deputy PM Abdullatif Sener on Saturday. "The 2006 budget includes targets for 2007 and 2008," Sener said, adding that "The 'Turkish economy grew in the last four years. The total growth is nearly 30...
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