1. MiddleEarth

    Happy 20th Birthday Microsoft Bob

    Microsoft Who? A bit late, but better late than never, ah, but then better never late. :fish: "Tuesday, 10 March...in 1995 Microsoft gave the world Bob, the “social interface” for Windows 3.x and 95." "For a time, Bob development ran in parallel with Windows 95. So while Microsoft was working...
  2. K

    Gokcebel "Death Road" Protest Sunday 20th

    **Road Safety Protest in Gokcebel - Sunday 20 July 5pm - 7pm. Meet in front of Kipa ** You may know that there have been many accidents on the Yalikavak - Gokcebel "Death road" since the road widening over last winter. Traffic lights\ calming\ pavements \ safe walking demarcation for...
  3. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering July 20th - 27th 2014

    Northern Soul Gathering will take place for 1 week at the Venosa Beach Resort & Spa, Didim Altinkum 20th - 27th July 2014. For further details contact chrisinan@hotmail.com K.T.F :)
  4. Valian

    BRING & BUY/JUMBLE SALE - SUNDAY 20th MAY 2012 - 10.30AM

  5. S

    Flight Bodrum Luton 20th Oct

    Do to my poor wife sustaining a broken leg we have been unable to come out to Turkey this October. We have 2 seats on the Monach flight on the 20th Oct from Bodrum to Luton, these include 20kg bagage, best offer secures. They would of course require name change but the price today with a bag is...
  6. Yazee123

    Arriving Turgutries sep 20th

    Hello everyone. Me and my partner travel to Turgutries on tue sep 20 th we have a private villa with own pool. Any locals who want to meet for a drink most welcome Saj and raj


    Bodrum Management Directorate AYDEDE the written notice, be made of power outages were reported at the weekend. Between the hours of 07:00 to 12:00 on Sunday, February 20, 2011 Bodrum Yokuşbaşı District scraping, Laurel, stair, Aktan, Hill, Affiliates, Pamili, appropriate streets, Cevat Sakir...
  8. mummyduck

    Ebor Event - 17th - 20th August

    Well the famous Ebor event is almost upon us and I suspect that the weather will let us down, as it has for several years. 2 years ago the whole event was rained off and last year wasnt much better BUT if every TLFer has a few words with him upstairs and emails Carol Kirkwood on the BBC I might...
  9. T

    Anyone fancy a drink at Sunset Cafe between 8th and 20th June.

    Hi there, If anyone is interested and over in the area between 8th June - 20th June would you like to meet up for a beer at the Sunset Cafe? Sunset is neutral ground for all of us. Anyone interested? Let me know either by replying on this thread or PM me. Cheers! TJD.
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