1. gam101

    Short Term RP Tax (1st time)

    Greetings folks. Just wanted to confirm if the tax to be paid for the STRP (first time) is 620TL and the 110TL card fees is the norm. Thank you. :)
  2. A

    Opera and Ballet from 1st to 18th September 2019

    THE 26th ASPENDOS INTERNATIONAL OPERA AND BALLET FESTIVAL WILL TAKE PLACE in September this year ... from 1st to 18th September. It is a unique occasion to enjoy the world's best classic repertoire in likewise best-preserved ancient amphitheatre. The festival was established on a national level...
  3. C

    1st time buyers in Altinkum

    Hi everyone, fell in love with ALTINKUM, and want to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment, need all the info I can get, also anyone know a reputable firm to go with?
  4. R

    1st Post - Buying In Alanya - Areas

    Hi All, It's time to buy a little holiday home, just for our families to come and unwind. (without any hope of the property appreciating in value, or getting any rental income from it). I'm looking to buy a 2-bed+2-Bath Apartment in Alanya, in the following areas and would love some local...
  5. A

    As at 1st January 2018 no plastic bags in Turkey

    A lot of shopkeepers will be surprised by this new law = http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/restrictions-on-plastic-bags-in-turkey-due-by-2018.aspx?PageID=238&NID=111417&NewsCatID=341:37::37:
  6. hayabusa

    Bayrum Day : 1st September 2017.

    Please note that Bayrum day will be on 1st, September as announced by Saudi Authorities. Bayrum is celebrated after 10 days of Pilgrimage which starts today. The pilgrimage is something every Muslim should try to perform at least once in their lifetime. The Hajj ends end of this month after...
  7. bickern

    A Moderator is also a forum member

    Not all members are treated the same nor are they perceived the same. For instance it is presumed that Mollag and Des have a rapport, therefore they are not meaning malice to one another, they are taking the p**s, but if Mollag or Des treat or said the same things they say to each other to say a...
  8. E

    Has RTE had a heart attack or is it April 1st stunt?

    It suggests that RTE has gone to hospital after possibly a heart attack. Orriginally dated yesterday but maybe for april 1. Can't find any other mention of it anywhere. https://www.facebook.com/ExposeTheTruth/videos/548585985316136/?fref=nf
  9. M

    Dolmus travel from 1st April 2016

    Hi, Could anyone please advise me as to whether the local dolmus' are running between: - Didim and Milas - Milas and Akyaka - Akyaka and Marmaris. I can only find information regarding the large bus companies and most of these appear to go from Soke or Aydin. Many thanks
  10. A

    1st November Turkish Elections

    Will Erdogan get in again? What is the consensus of opinion please?
  11. pepperkat

    Is it April the 1st?

    On the BBC news this morning a report on a Belfast hotel flogging water recovered from icebergs £26.00 for a 70 cl bottle. With a pretentious prat going on about the lingering qualities of taste and bouquet. This surely has to be a joke.
  12. suzyq

    1st June only emergency medical treatment will be available

    Only emergency medical treatment will be available on 1st June after doctor was killed. Medical services in Turkey to halt over doctor killing - HEALTH
  13. C

    Going to izmir in february for 1st time ...

    Hi. New to tlf .. going to izmir in february for 1 week to see my partner & meet the family. With it being first meet i dont want to stay with family so have been looking at hotels .. not sure where to start .. can anyone name any they have stayed at ? & are there any hints & tips for me flying...
  14. A

    Opera 1st 2nd and 3rd October 2014

    Aspendos Amphitheatre is hosting Carmen on 1st - Romeo and Juliette on 2nd - and Aida on 3rd October - tickets are 90 TL each including free pick up from any Side hotel from all local tour operators -:high5:
  15. B

    1st residency how long is it taking ?

    HI all will be applying for 1st residency when we arrive 30th March, we are living in the koycegiz area. Does any one know the approx time it is presently taking to come through. We are over for 6 weeks on this visit and wanted to apply before the rules change. We have a list of requirements etc...
  16. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 1st December 2013

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place on Sunday the 1st December at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  17. M

    iPhone 5s coming out November 1st

    Apple announced they will be releasing their iPhone 5s/5c on November 1st in Turkey. Do you know where they will be selling these at? Any idea as to how much? Because there's no official Apple store in Istanbul yet, and I hear they were opening up one in January. I know thats only 2 days away...
  18. J

    AShes - 1st Test...

    Ouch... (gulp) England All out 215!!!
  19. N

    1st visit

    Hi all, We are due in Dalyan next Friday for two weeks staying in a villa (group of 11 adults and 3 children). Where are the best places to 1.eat out. 2. shop for groceries. 3.shop for supplies of beers and spirits 4. Shop for BBQ coals 5. Shop for meats and chicken for bbq's 6. Any nice bars...
  20. shirleyanntr

    Turkish protests

    The protests that have been ongoing in Gezi Park İstanbul are finally reaching a wider audience and it may make the world wake up to what is going on here. The protests which started off as a refusal to allow part of Taksim square to be redeveloped for yet another shopping Mall has taken off as...
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