1. gally

    TRNC 90 in 180?

    Hi Does the 90 in 180 day rule apply in Northern Cyprus? So If I went to TRNC for a holiday any time soon would that period be counted in the 180 day rule on mainland Turkey? Thanks
  2. B

    Tourism Down 90 in 180

    Hi All, I was wondering if the 90 in 180 rule had contributed to the down turn in tourism for this year. It did effect me and I wonder how many more who own property now find the residency rule; and the 90 days in 180 is preventing them from visiting as often / as long as the would like. I do...
  3. gally

    Turkish 90 in 180 Visa rule

    Hi I know this has been done to death but can someone please clarify? A friend has just returned to UK & got fined £100 at passport control for overstaying by 38 days. He says his visa was still valid but was told he must be out of the country for 3 months before applying for a new one (new rule...
  4. L

    90 in 180.

    My aim is to spend as much time in Turkey as possible, using the normal visa system. This gives 90 days in 180. I would like to spend around 90 days in the 1st half and 90 days in the 2nd half. Say April, May and June and then September, October and November. To do this, I would need to apply...
  5. christella

    90 in 180 days

    have you seen the front page of voices it seems we have been working out the dates wrong we should work it out backwards I really don't understand this
  6. Tommie

    Didim Council owes 180 million TL

    It has been reported in Voices today that Didim Council owes 180 million TL. TURKEY’S tax authorities have named and shamed individuals and local councils who owe the state more than 1 million TL. Didim Council comes in at number 26 on the list – owing 180 million Turkish Lira. Do they have...
  7. T

    90 - 180 day visa rule calculator

    In this link there is a 90 day in 180 day visa calculator can anyone tell me if its correct? Tourist Visas for visiting Turkey
  8. L

    New 180 Day Visa

    Im sorry to open a new thread on this subject again but ive read so many conflicting comments. Nobody seems to have the answer. I own a property in Alanya and go there to stay approximately six times a year, the longest stay being for six weeks during july and august. I will purchase my new visa...
  9. A

    90 in 180

    I know this has been covered before but can anyone clarify the position, We arrived 21/5 and got 90 in 180 days visa stamps. We leave on 8/6 and return on 2/10 for 21 days. Do we go straight to passport control at Dalaman airport?
  10. christella

    90 days in 180

    any body heard any more about this as i spoke to a women at the airport this week and she said it has started as she saw it on a turkish web site sorry it should be 90 days in 180
  11. babsgood

    2 bed house Turgutreis 170,000TL

    2 bed villa in Turgutreis, 160 sq m with large garden (plot is 600 sq m) with mandarin, lemon, peach and pomegranate trees TAPU and Hab cert held the property is the domalan end of town and is 20 mins walk into town situated in a small 'village' environment off the beaten track with just 8...
  12. Mushtaq

    Help! - need a number between 1 and 180

    I have a problem, we only managed to get 180 tickets sold for the Win A Home on the Sun a really dismal number considering the time and effort that went into this project :splat: But, we live and learn and this project will go down as a learning exercise :kafa: So, back to my dilemma, we...
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