1. Freedom 49

    Table-Top. Sunday 16th Feb.

    Weather permitting, there will be a Table-Top sale at THe Flying Horse in Side, this next Sunday morning. A flying visit to Kuşadası to complete another sale, enabled me to get into see Mustafa and replenish some of our British Food products that people were looking for last week. Branston...
  2. R

    Meeting up in Altinkum from 16th Oct?

    Hello I have been posting and following this site for a long time now. I think it is brilliant and the support that comes from here is amazing. I have cried with the cancer thread, I have laughed at the monthly jokes and have sometimes just read the threads and it is better than a book. I feel...
  3. S

    April 16th? Tuzla Royal Heights

    Hi All - considering booking and travelling to Royal Heights from April 16th for one week? What is the weather like at this time...........will it be too cold for my children to use pools and the sea? Any thoughts appreciated - Happy New Year
  4. Gill

    Yalikavak Friends Charity Sale 16th Oct

    Yalikavak Friends Charity Sale 16th Oct at Musti's at 2pm. This time we are going to be having a Bake Table as well as the usual clothes, books and bric-a-brac. If you have any "bakes" - jams, chutneys, cakes, pies etc to offer please pm me Yalikavak (Dostlari) Friends raises funds for the...
  5. GaryMargaret

    Aegean flight Man/Bod 16th changes

    Hi all Just checked our flights for the 16th and it look like they have changed again. Originally changed to Outbound flight OHY 1508 departs 11:00 am arrive Bodrum 17:05 Now it's Outbound flight SHY 1574 departs 09:25 am arrive Bodrum 15:30 So anyone on this flight please check you...
  6. A

    Ladies Time Out in Antalya next Friday 16th October

    You are invited to a special event just for ladies! Come and enjoy a pedicure - learn to make beautiful greeting cards - and join a discussion on İnner Beauty - sponsored by the Christian Church of the Antalya Region - St Paul Union Church on Friday 16th October from 10am to midday at the St...
  7. G

    flights for Monday 16th

    from to out back nts cost flight No. out GATWICK BODRUM 0725 1720 7 £89.00 TCX463K GATWICK BODRUM 0725 0340 7 95.00 TCX463K GATWICK BODRUM 0725 1630 21 99.00 TCX463K...
  8. G

    Local Boy Drowned in Akbuk (16th Aug)

    I have just got back from a 3 week holiday in Akbuk and can sadly report that a local 18 yeard old boy drowned on Wed 16th Aug, his body I believe was discoved the following day. Our thoughts go out to the poor family involved. Did anyone notice see the helicopter circling around the bay for...
  9. M

    meeting in Altinkum week of 16th may

    Hi everyone are we still meeting in the egge bar wednesday night or has it changed[?] mik@jan
  10. J

    £120.32 Manchester Bodrum 16th -24th May

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