1. I

    samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet

    Put the tablet on charge as usual & waited the normal four hours but when I went to check the tablet would not switch on & the charger was cold. Hoping it is a charger problem or even better just a break in the cable. Any ideas if this is likely or where i could get it checked in the turgutreis...
  2. Rosemary1234

    Room 101

    You are allowed 3 things to put into Room 101, my 3 are. (1) Hospital car parking charges ( grossly unfair for many reasons) (2) Public toilets symbols ( why can't they just say men/women) (3) The One show (hate it) :17:
  3. B

    downloading 101, a masterclass

    About If anyone is interested in music, film or basically anything :) there is something out there that beats p2p and pretty much anything else out there. Apparently its about 10 times faster than a good p2p download speed, so I have been told that is. Its commonly referred to as NEWSGROUPS...
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