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    Izmir Fair

    Any info on the Fair at Izmir ,we are going on Sunday 15th December . Is it a Christmas Fair. Thanks, Mike.:49:
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    Halal drugs with Turkish blood

    Hope this is the right forum ,just reading the English version of Daily News .The Turkish Red Crescent is to start making drugs from Turkish peoples blood to rule out any risk of non Islamic dietary impact . Can someone put the link on .Mike :hmm:
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    Repayment of Military Clearance

    A friend has had a letter that states he has to pay M.C. again 300 + lira ,he had M.C 7 years ago, also Tapu and Habitation . This is the story or should I say facts . There was a scam the staff kept the money paid and 10.000 letters are being sent out ,they want the money again . I have seen 3...
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    Glory world series

    Just channel changing on sports JSC and came across this Glory World Series Istanbul . Its on live now ,Its Kick Boxing did not know that it was popular in Turkey and that there are some very good Fighters from Turkey .Gokhan Sakia heavy weight on at the moment ranked number 2 in Wotld .Not...
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    Latest burglary in Altinkum

    Last night there was a burglary in our block ,but this is a new take . The keys to the apartment were stolen from a hand bag , 3 ladies on holiday .one a long time owner and her 2 friends were sat talking to a young Turk ,He stole the apartment keys from a hand bag unseen by the ladies ,he then...
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    Iveco Daily Van for sale

    Friends who have recently moved to Altinkum have for sale. Iveco daily van MWB .X reg 2000 model ,2800cc Turbo Diesel ,extra spring suspension on rear , Mot and Taxed until January 2013 . For more info and price please phone 0538 8849321 or land line 0256 8133025 . They will drive to Bulgarian...
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    2 bed apartment for sale Altinkum

    2 bed furnished apartment for sale ,£32,700. on Atarturk Bulavari opposite million shop ,over looking Tea garden and children's park . Details and photo's on Crescent Homes, ref crs 00422, (banner on left hand side ) Includes fridge freezer , washing machine ,cooker ,T.V. with 2 sat dishes...
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    Dermatologist in Altinkum

    Any one know if there is a doctor in Altinkum who is a dermatologist or would I have to go to Bodrum or Aydin for an appointment . Just need to have a mole checked out ,had a malignant Melanoma removed 6 years ago so want to be on the safe side . Thanks , Mike .
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    Expats and toilet paper

    Expats selling up and flushing toilet paper ,I love this Forum long may we keep on flushing all the subjects down the toilet . Mike :gathering:rockon::blah:
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    Did you feel it.

    Just had a few good shakes here in Altikum , have never heard a noise with a small earthquake before ,was I hearing things .Mike.:w00t:
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    Shopping in Kos town

    Going to Kos for the day any tips on shopping , have heard that there is a Lidel close to Kos town , Are there any other stores . Not interested in the Butcher shops . Any infor please .Mike .
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    Passport renewal in Dusseldorf

    We have to renew our Passports , has a member done this using the British consulate in Dussseldorf . I have heard that passports have been returned by Turkish authority who say that you can not send Passports out of Turkey . British consulate web sites states that DHL are the carrier they use to...
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    Who is Victor

    Who is Victor , thought I would ask for Carolk . I think he or she is a Troll. Mike.:lalala:
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    2 flight tickets Bodrum to Bristol 18th June

    A friend has 2 tickets for sale Bodrum to Bristol on 18th June . Departs Bodrum at 19.40 . £177 for 2 tickets includes 20 kl baggage . Buyer pays for name change . They had to return early so tickets will not be used .Pm for info ,Tickets are with me in Altinkum . Mike.
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    Solar system repair

    A friend needs 2 water tanks on solar system replaced due to leaks in existing tanks ,any advice on a good company and cost in Altinkum please . Mike.
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    Thank you Mushtaq

    I would like to thank Mushtaq and the Moderators for their patience over the last few days . This Forum has had many ups and downs but keeps going forward, with many new members joining and having input on various topics . So lets all move on . Once again thanks for the Forum . Mike
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    Dog bite 2nd beach

    About 2 weeks ago a friend was bitten by a dog outside a bar on 2nd beach near Tuntas hotel, 3 punture holes .I asked him to go to doctors but he was going home to 3 days so did not bother .He was due a small operation on his arm went for a premed with doctor . Result op canceled and 18...
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    Alliance and Leicester scam

    Recieved E-Mail supposedly from Aliance and Leicester telling me my online access was suspended ,and could I reactivate in 24hours .Never had an account with them , so take care anyone with them . If I am wrong then on harm done in this warning .Mike
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    Back to the uk

    Bob you asked me to start a new thread about why you want to go back to the U.K. or not ,all I can say is I do not want to go back I am happy in Turkey . Mike .
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    Post Boxes at new Altikum PTT

    Post boxes are now available at new Altinkum PTT . They cost 7TL a year you need to take your Residence Permit. Good news for the residents that dont get their Mail. Did it this morning , plenty of boxes left .Mike.
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