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    Introducing a second dog

    I am excitedly awaiting a new puppy on the Monday after I get back to the UK. I bought her from litter and she will be 13 weeks old when i take charge of her and she will be first in the house because Peachy has to do six days of quarantine cos my vet messed up. I just wanted to ask the other...
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    Laptop in suitcase?

    First (and last!) time I'm travelling with Thomsons airlines back to the UK and they only allow 5kg hand baggage. As I am travelling with all my valuables, the hand baggage will be over 5 kilos so I wonder if it is safe to put my Macbook in my suitcase? I'm not so much worried about it getting...
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    finishing utilities

    Wouldn't it be simpler to just close down the bank account the direct debits are coming out of and let them disconnect me after i go rather than having a nervous breakdown going round all the utility offices with my bad Turkish?
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    SGK Deregistration nightmare!

    Anyone leaving Turkey should take note of this: Today I went to the SGK with a letter from my lawyer saying I was going back to live in the UK and wanted to end my SGK registration and stop paying premiums. The SGK official printed out a long bill since January (or was it February) of seven...
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    Driving licence renewal

    Just under four weeks ago I sent my old paper licence to the DVLA to change for a photo one (also change of name as I'm divorced) and to date, no sign of the licence. The DVLA told me 2-3 weeks - has anyone else waited a very long time? I wrote my driver number on the tear off slip but it's at...
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    Burglar alarms

    There's a burglar alarm going off in a property only feet away from my bedroom window:( It stops for a little while and then goes off again for a very long time. I went out to see whose property it was and the bar owners said it was not them but the landlord (absent of course and cannot be...
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    Hotel recommendations

    I am going to be staying in Fetiyhe for a couple of nights prior to my departure from Dalaman airport to the UK with my dog. Can anyone recommend somewhere decent and reasonably priced?
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    Driver wanted for August

    As you may know, I'm relocating to the UK at the end of August. My toy poodle will be ready to leave Turkey on August 24th and I need a driver to take him to Fethiye because he is flying from Dalaman airport to Gatwick. As I live in Istanbul I need a driver to take my dog from Istanbul to...
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    Living with Alzheimer's

    My dear mum, who has been in hospital for six weeks following a fall and illness due to urinary tract infection, is being discharged and coming home on Thursday. That's the good news. The bad news is that I will have to have a round the clock carer (expensive but I think the elderly's savings...
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    not nice....

    Middle aged Madonna flashing her nipple onstage in live concert here. Yuk!
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    Natwest headaches

    I am home at the moment to visit mum and to register the Enduring Power of Attorney over her bank account so I can pay her bills etc. She has her account with NatWest who were most unhelpful. They said it takes at least two weeks for the EPA to be registered as they have to make checks on me...
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    Jubilee celebrations in hospital

    The nurses went round in mum's ward giving out little Jubilee goody bags! A notebook with a union jack and union jack pen, flag and lovely mug mum was very pleased about. She said she remembered being given a coronation mug when King Edward was crowned and she was a child at that time. They have...
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    Advice on buying a car

    I haven't driven for years because I've been living abroad for so long and my old driving licence ( if I can find it!) is in my married name! But in view of mum obviously no longer being able to stand and wait at bus stops, and that the transport near my house in the UK not being that great, I...
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    THY strike

    About 100 flights were cancelled from Istanbul Ataturk airporr yesterday due to the government trying to make strikes in the aviation industry illegal. Have sympathy for the strikers but hope my Thursday flight won't be affected.
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    Transfer of utilities

    This was prompted by Linda's thread. Has anyone who sold their property got experience of transferring utilities to the purchaser? Did they have to do everything in person or did they appoint someone to do it by POA and when exactly did they do it?
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    Coming off SGK

    After trying so hard and succeeding to get registered with SGK health insurance, now I want to come off it as I'm leaving Turkey! Anyone have any ideas how to go about this?
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    That must have been the quickest property sale I ever made, not that I've made many! I didn't even tell anyone I was selling it but my God word gets around quickly here and I got an offer for it in 48 hours which I accepted. In view of the economic recession and the fact I paid quite a bit for...
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    Shipping back to the UK

    As some of you know, I am moving back to the UK fairly soon and, although I don't have any furniture, have a considerable amount of clothes and personal possessions that I would not be able to take on a plane, let alone carry, in view of my recent back op. Can anyone recommend a good honest...
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    One way travel to Turkey

    As you may know, I'm in the throes of relocating back to the UK and need to make a quick journey back to sort out mum's banking. As this will use up the second half of my ticket (my THY ticket always starts in the UK as that is where I began my journey 4 years ago and I always buy return...
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    Coming to a decision - leaving Turkey

    As you will know, my mum is in hospital now and please God when she makes a recovery she will need care and doesn't want to leave her house which is a melded dwelling with my flat. Istanbul and Turkey has lost its charm for me; I can't work here legally, I have hardly any students and I can't...
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