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    Importing goods into Turkey?

    Hi everyone. We're trying to bring some of our furniture from the UK to Turkey. We bought our house in Antalya in May 2019 and imported the vast majority of our stuff back in September 2019 via Mersin port without any problems. Fast forward to March 2021 and we want to send a much smaller...
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    Need help - stalemate with buyer

    Hi everyone, Posting here in light of the wealth of knowledge and experience on these forums, hope someone can help us out. Basically, I have been trying to find a house in Antalya for the last 4 years and I think (or thought!!) that I had found "the one" - a nice modest for 400,000 TL in...
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    Getting a mortgage for Turkey - Mortgage Brokers

    Hi everyone, Been reading the different threads on buying property in Turkey and can see that there are a lot of helpful and informed people posting here. Was wondering if anyone could advise me on getting a mortgage in Turkey. Obviously all of the big Turkish banks are lending - but I have...
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    A question about 'man caves'

    Hi everyone First post on this forum :bounce: I've been looking to buy a house in Antalya and a few of the properties that we've been looking at have large areas in the basements - sometimes over 3 bedrooms. This is a cool feature but a couple of locals have told us that these rooms are...
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