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  1. stevecarol

    Driving from UK to Turkey

    I am looking for someone that is driving from UK to Turkey (Altinkum/Akbuk area) I need to get a parcel brought over (towbar for my car) more than happy to contribute for fuel, if anyone is happy to do this, and are coming over in the 3 or 4 months please let me know and I will get the package...
  2. stevecarol


    Did i just feel an earthquake or did i imagine it
  3. stevecarol

    Nice place to stay in Bodrum

    In June we have a house full of friends coming to stay at our villa, what we would like to do, is have a 2 night stay in the centre of Bodrum so we also get a small break whilst we are all together. We want to be able to just get the ferry from Altinkum and be within walking distance of all the...
  4. stevecarol

    Empty van to the UK

    Just to let you all know that around the middle of October I will be driving back an empty transit van to the UK (south) , if anyone local to me in Didim needs to get any belongings back to the UK then PM me and we can see what we can do.
  5. stevecarol

    We made it

    Well the title says we made it here safe and sound, and the tranny van is in 1 piece too. more than exspected. I know we left the UK on the 1st june and we are now mid July but we got here on the 6th June, no hasle with customs(straight through) 15 mins with full van of goodies. Got res permits...
  6. stevecarol

    Time has come

    Well at last the time for us to leave the UK and move to our lovely villa in the sun has nearly arrived,(leave at 6 am on Wed), House all packed up,Vans to be loaded today, Tom Tom programmed and the raring to go,tyres, oil and water all checked, wife stressed and said most of our goodbyes...
  7. stevecarol

    Last week at last

    Started my last week at work today, as of Friday I will be retired, its really starting to sink in now.:)
  8. stevecarol

    Im so worried

    Does anyone know how Yalimart is? im so worried as no one seems to have seen him around since the beating his beloved Mancs took on sunday. I do hope he is ok and not done anything silly.:bigkiss:
  9. stevecarol

    Another breakin

    Just had a call to let us know that our villa in Yesiltepe near Akbuk has been broken into last night, I believe that we are the 8th to be done since Christmas. Not sure whats been lost yet but know the grills have been ripped off and patio doors smashed through. Not a lot we can do from here...
  10. stevecarol

    I player

    Dont know if im barking up the wrong tree here, but here (UK) i get sky player, bbc i player and other channel though my computer, If i maintained my sky subscribtion in th UK would i still be able to receive these on my comp in Turkey. Anyone know?
  11. stevecarol

    Return trip to UK - Sep/Oct 2011

    Hi We are moving over to Akbuk full time in June. Will be driving a Transit over with belongings. I will be returning back to the UK sometime between Sept and Oct with an empty van. If there is anyone who is looking to return around that time i would be happy to bring them and any belongings...
  12. stevecarol

    Bringing in Pets

    Hi All When we come over to live next year, we are bringing our pets with us, We are driving over so anyone that has been down this route, would you be kind enough to PM me as i have loads of questions id like to ask, it would be nice to hear from people who have actually done the trip,i will...
  13. stevecarol

    Million Shop

    Does have any info on how the Million shop is doing since the fire,hopefully they are back up and running
  14. stevecarol

    Same old Same old

    Trailblaze, Quest and Akbukhonda, As I have purchased from Sunset and although I have no Tapu yet, I have, in the main been happy with them. I have been watching the 2 or 3 threads that you have contributing to, and I have to say that, to me, all 3 of you seem hell bent on slagging off Sunset...
  15. stevecarol

    Doblo cars are they banned or not

    Have read on here, a couple of threads that say Fiat Doblo style vehicles are to be banned from hire, Is this true or is it just someone getting there facts muddled, I have been looking all over on Google and not found anything that backs this up, The only thing i can find that looks official...
  16. stevecarol

    Have you got your Tapu

    Interested to know many people have or have not got there Tapu Maybe one of the Mods could make a poll of this below to see if there is any pattern to the Tapu situation 1 Have got Tapu and live in Turkey 2 Have got Tapu and live outside of Turkey 3 Dont have Tapu and live in Turkey 4 Dont...
  17. stevecarol

    Importing goods

    Hi There is a fair bit here about inporting goods via a shipping agent, but cant to much about bringing in personal goods by car or van. We were intending driving over with our dogs when we make our move, and thought that we would bring some items with us, ie personal items, fishing gear, golf...
  18. stevecarol

    Anyone seen that pesky cat

  19. stevecarol

    Adebeyor interview

    Tonight on Sky Sport news Adebeyor was interviewed regarding the terrible shooting that took place. What concerned me was he was wearing and Arsenal shirt.:gulme: Bet Man City and his team mates will love that.
  20. stevecarol

    Ski slope too slippy

    Some artificial ski slopes in UK have to be closed because there too slippy with real snow on them. They got to kidding me.
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