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    If i want to bring 12000 euro as a cash to europe where should I declare in Turkey in istanbul airport?

    Hello. I know the rule is 10000 euro. However, it was written that if you declare no problem. Does anybody know where should I declare in istanbul airport? how long does this process take? also i have a transit from amsterdam to poland. Where should I declare there? netherland or poland? I have...
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    Noter legitimaty

    Hello, I don't know where should I ask therefore sorry. Hello, I have a question regarding noter. Consider someone has a document and it is translated by t he sworn translator and noter onays that one and also kaymakamlik approve it. Is this document considered legitimate inside turkey and can...
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    Paying for rp card in ziraat bank

    Hello, Did anybody pay for rp card fee inside ziraat or other banks? I want to know which code we should use? The bank does not know exactly. In this website I saw 9192 which is the code that I think we should pay...
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    Credit card debit in dollar

    Hello, I have a question regarding credit card. Does anybody here use creditcard (Turkish bank)? I actually use it in Turkish tl, however now for applying universities or registering some exams I need to pay in dollar or euro or .... I want to know if I change my bill to the (yabanci ekstre)...
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    NON-EU married spouse schengen visa

    Hello, Is there any non-eu member in this forum who had experience in applying for the schengen visa? could you help me with this question? Hello, I have a question regarding the visa for married persons. Please help me. I want to apply for a schengen conference visit visa for myself and my...
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    Most economical and guaranteed shipping service to outside of Turkey

    Hi, Which postal service is the best for outside of Turkey? I want to send lots of documents to different countries. Anybody had experience? Time is not so much important than price and warranty! Thanks
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    Hello, Does anybody know whether we can obtain try loan from banks by blocking dollar without guarantor? Actually, the blocked money is a kind of guarantor. Even with low change rate. for example, for 3000 dollars, 16000 tl.
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    Medical issue please help

    Hello, Does anybody have any info or can guide me? My wife wants to have a blood test as well as pap smear. Her sigorta has been finished. Even if not finished, since she is a student her sigorta is not a good one as far as I know. What is the difference between public and personal hospital...
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    flight ticket

    Hi, I want to buy 5 tickets for a few days before kurban bayram (which is on 11 August) from van to istanbul. I want to know whether anybody has any experience about it. Now the cheapest ticket is around 300 tl. Is it reasonable to wait for a cheaper one a month later or even a few days before...
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    Applying to portugal visa in Istanbul

    Hello, Does anybody know how can a person apply to the portugal turistic visa in istanbul? Nobody answers me by phone in consulate? I emailed they answered automatically make an appointment in Ankara!
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    Understanding the IBAN

    Hello, A person sent money to my account using eft. I could not see his IBAN in my receipt got from internet bank. I just see his name and surname and the related bank. Is there anyway to know the IBAN? If I go to bank do they give me sender's IBAN? Is it generally like this? Why is that? Thanks
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    22 Nisan

    Sorry for opening new thread I don't know where to ask. Is ptt opened tomorrow 22 Nisan? Here it is not stated but I have doubt
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    Flower festival

    Hi Does anybody know whether the Istanbul city has flower/plant exhibition or festival or something like this at the moment or even permanent one? Thanks
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    ikametgah for renewing rp

    Hi, In my home rent contract my name and my wife's name are writtedn. I went to nufus dairesi in order to obtain ikametgah (adres kayit belgesi) They gave me and there is no problem. Now, if my wife want to get it in order to renew her rp I should go with her to the nufus or she just requires...
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    Anybody know anything about viop istanbul burs?
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    ING bank

    Could anybody help me please especially if he has an acount in ING bank? I turned to my country for a few days and it is important to me to know whether ING bank open an account for Iranian student who has legal resident permit and receive monthly income from university and has account in other...
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    Kargo vs ptt

    Hello what is the difference between kargo and ptt? I want to send something to a corporation. They said that if you send by kargo we pay the fee! What is the difference and how can I find a kargo?
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    Credit card application

    Hello, Does anybody have info about credit card in Turkey? I have a monthly income in Turkey legally which is paid to a branch of ziraat in ankara. However, I live in istanbul now. Could I apply for the credit card in a branch inside istanbul or I should go to ankara? 6 months ago the branch...
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    Hello, Please someone helps me if has any info about this issue! I have been in istanbul for about 4 months. I live in a small studio in a big site(complex). The billing papers are in site's name not personal. However, everyone has its own metre (The device that we read and calculate the...
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    Is there any difference between opening an account for a foreigner and Turkish?

    Hello, Turkish guys please answer my question. When you go to open a new account in bank do they say you that you should wait for a central bank to prove this account?! When I go to any banks they say to me that you should wait. Today for example akbank say that the central akbank should prove...
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