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  1. Lillylilly

    Jaysus that was some firework display!!!

    Just watched the Fireworks in London seeing in the New Year - a full 11 minutes - spectacular must have cost a fortune:fear:
  2. Lillylilly

    And you thought Mrs Bobbits revenge was extreme!!

    'I saved my honour': Mother shot and decapitated rapist who made her pregnant and then dumped his head in village square | Mail Online Good for her - lets hope she dont get put in prison!!!
  3. Lillylilly

    Bigger pics on my fun family tree?????

    :confused::confused:Hi wonder if anyone can help me cos you are all so helpful on here for stuff. I have done a fun family tree with all recent pics nicked from FB of family extended family etc and it looks really good. Want to print it out but it keeps coming with very small pictures. Even if I...
  4. Lillylilly

    A Very Long Drive - Adventure or Nightmare?

    This is going to be a long drive for Father and Son - right through Turkey as well. Grounded! British schoolboy terrified of flying is stranded in Abu Dhabi for months... and now his father is bringing him back by road | Mail Online Hope this link works.
  5. Lillylilly

    Dangrous Turkish Restaurant.

    Horrific story....... ... ay-1141476. Ok we have the family's version of events and then the response from the restaurant...I tend to believe the family version!!!! What a dispicable act by whoever runs that private clininc...turned away with 2nd & 3rd...
  6. Lillylilly

    Hair Raising Experience

    :boom: I put this on the AA forum cos I thought it was quite funny and a small world:jaw::a I went for a trim today in a new chain hairdressers opened recently by Turkish owners called Cellys just across the road from me. As a joke I asked the Turkish boss if I could pay in lire as I had 175...
  7. Lillylilly

    Loving it here in Hisoranu

    Well we ve been here a week and absolutely love this area:) and have decided that if we can find a six month rental will come back BUT we cant find one at the right price (turkish price). :) Have been walking all over the place and could find one in Fetiye but like Hisoranu or Ovacik the best -...
  8. Lillylilly

    Holiday excitment and Turkish haircut!!!???

    I am soooooooooooo peed off with this dull wet and grey weather:35: I cant wait to get some sunshine in Hisoranu - we leave next Friday for two weeks. It will be completely new to us, this area and very different from ole Altinkum. I even had a haircut today so I would nt be tempted to have one...
  9. Lillylilly

    Kindle and Android Charge UP?

    Hi as this forum is full of usefull and sometimes useless information:blink: I wonder if anyone knows if by plugging my android Sanfrancisco phone charger (also fits my LG cookie) into our kindles will it blow it up or anything. It does seem to work I think and some info on the net says people...
  10. Lillylilly

    Hotel Yalcin in Hisaronu

    We are returning to Turkey for a scout around and being the phillistines we are never went anywhere when we lived in Altinkum - not even the Apollen Temple:35: So thought we would go to Hisoranu as we ve heard its nice there and do the Tourist bit and stay at this hotel whilst having a look...
  11. Lillylilly

    You couldn't make it up!

    Moroccan girl, 16, kills herself after judge forced her to marry man who RAPED her | Mail Online Shocking! how very sad, and her rapist gets away with it!!
  12. Lillylilly

    Msn hotmail

    Anyone experiencing problems with Hotmail? Keep getting an error message (see below) when I try to access my hotmail Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.a42612d1.1330035488.32c2622
  13. Lillylilly

    Northern soul ai weekend - may 4/5

    A date and note for your diaries if you like Northern Soul or want a good weekend at a lovely All Inclusive hotel. My friend has asked me to post details. It will be held on Friday and Saturday 4th/5th May at the Venosa Hotel, Yesilkent AI price of hotel will be £26.00 pppn and £20 entrance...
  14. Lillylilly

    Nicer than PJs to the Shops?

    Scarved up Fashions in Vogue!!! Alâ: Turkish fashion magazine created for women who wear headscarves | Mail Online Looks nicer than wearing jimjams to Asdas or Bim or Migros??
  15. Lillylilly

    There are five delicious characters in all, so go ahead, gobble a Grandad !!!

    There are five delicious characters in all, so go ahead, gobble a Grandad !!:31: :angel::angel:
  16. Lillylilly

    Bit of Turkey in Dorset!!!!

    Hubby has just got a couple of gigs playing in a LOCAL TURKISH RESTAURANT believe it or not!!!:der: Its two minutes from us and huge and the owner has another one in Boscombe. I had a chance to practice my Turkish last night and they were well impressed.......funnily enough he said his...
  17. Lillylilly

    The Queen wants Turkish President's Wifes Shoes?

    hahaha stpuid daily mail again Queen astonished as Turkish President's wife Hayrunnisa Gul visits palace in killer heels | Mail Online She looks really nice i think...the President's Wife!!!
  18. Lillylilly

    Controversial picture 9/11

    I dont really know what to make of this picture? Of course you have to read the article as well. The meaning of 9/11's most controversial photo | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free |
  19. Lillylilly


    :19:TUT How sad am I? I watch countdown most days but cant do the maths bits but when I do the words, the woman in the Dictionary Corner always gets the top word in my anagram solver.:angry: I reckon shes got an earpiece in with somebody using one and telling her:angry: Hubby watches it as...
  20. Lillylilly

    Same Story Not a Turk for a Change!!!

    Home | Mail Online Poor Woman NOT!!!:45::19:
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