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    Prayers and positive vibes need for Eric

    Eric had had a diagnosis of Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) on Monday and at first, I screamed the house down but now that we have spoken to the doctor and he has told us that they are optimistic that they can treat it successfully we are feeling much better. This is a non curable cancer but with...
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    RIP Barbara (Barbie Doll)

    I am sorry to report that Barbara lost her fight against cancer this morning. I would like to offer my condolences to her Husband Ray and the rest of her family. RIP lovely lady xxxxx
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    Our first snowfall of the Bulgarian winter.

    This is what we awoke to this morning, a winter wonderland. Not one single forecast predicted it but the locals said it was coming and now they tell us we will get a load more on Thursday. The views are of our garden and the fields and hills beyond, I was so excited to see it, it looked great...
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    Ulcer on my ankle.

    On May 8th, I caught my ankle on the edge of one of Eris'c saw's and got a tiny cut from it. I cleaned it and didn't even bother with a dressing as it was so small. It has never healed and now there is a hole and it's causing me untold pain, especially when I am in bed at night. I went to the...
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    Sending love to Lyndsey

    I would like us all to think about Lyndsey Coleman as her treasured Dad Neil will be getting buried at noon tomorrow. For those that don’t know, Neil died suddenly on the 1st June at the age of 46, his death followed his Sister’s sudden death 2 days before. I can’t begin to imagine what Lyndsey...
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    I have just been reading the diet thread and have seen that Mo and Struggs are struggling with pain that they both fear might be arthritis, so as I am a sufferer, I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the subject. I was first diagnosed at the age of 31 but never got sent for an xray...
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    Our lives in Bulgaria update

    I thought that a few of you would be interested to hear how we are getting on, so here is an update of our lives here in Bulgaria. Where we are and what we are doing. Well we are still loving life here and there have been a couple of changes since I last wrote, the main one being that we have...
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    Jack Russel Pup wanted in Turkey

    I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is desperatly seeking a Jack Russel Pup to love. Her's was snatched out of her arms by a Kangal and despite her attempts to save him he died. Well it is now a year since this happend, and she has decided that it's time to get a new doggy. Idealy she...
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    Akbuk Table Top Sale

    Tomorrow (Tues 1st March), I will be doing a stall at Zara Cafe selling some household goods, books, phones, bags, shoe's and many other things. If you are looking for a bargain, please come along and grab one. There will be other stalls there too. I will be there from 11 oclock onwards. Hope...
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    3 x 3 For Sale In Akbuk

    I have tricycle for sale, it has been used around a dozen times and I am asking 250tl, It cost 500tl. Dog not supplied. Please pm me if interested.
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    All Things Bulgaria

    After reading Rafiki's thread re his Bulgarian house sale, I thought I would pick up on the suggestion by Christine that a seperate BG thread ought to be started and hopefully will keep Andy's thread on track. I for one would be very interested to hear peoples news and views on Bulgaria. I...
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    Istanbul to Bourgas Bulgaria.

    We are planning on going to Bulgaria for a few days holiday and thought we would fly to Istanbul and then go by coach from there. We would like to visit Elhovo and Yambol areas and the nearest city is Bourgas but that is around an hour away from where we want to be. Has anyone else done this...
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    Lake Koycegiz Pictures Part 3

    From the mud baths we then went on to a little place called Ekincik where the med meets the Aegean. Looking down over Ekincik The rest of the pics are view fron the mountain. And last but not least I hope you all enjoyed ny trip to Koycegiz in pictures...
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    Lake Koycegiz Pictures Part 2

    From the mud baths we carried on over the mountains where we passed thousands of bee boxes for the pine honey and several mountain goats and of course more stunning views. Eventually we came to Kaunos Ancient City. We did not pay to go in to the ruins as time was against us but the rest of it...
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    Lake Kocegiz Pictures Part 1

    We have just had a couple of days in Koycegiz and I can honestly say that I have never visited such a beautiful area of Turkey. The next few pics are of Koycegiz town . Marbled Promonade Lakeside Hotel Cobblers Iron mongers A typical Apartment building From the town we...
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    Bodrum to Akbuk

    My sister inlaw will be visiting us here in Akbuk for a few days, she will be travelling from Kos and I have a couple of questions re her journey. Does the Bodrum/Kos Ferry run daily and if so is it just one ferry a day. ??? What time does the ferry run. ??? When taking the coach from Bodrum...
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    Altinkum to Kos Ferry

    Does anyone know when the ferry from Ainkum to Kos finishes. Thanks
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    Mavi Deniz Phone Number

    Does anyone have the number for Mavi please. I want to phone and order 2 portions of their finest fish n chips.
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    Confusion over forum advertising/reccomendations.

    A while ago I started thread about the opening of Zara Coffee Shop in Akbuk. It was all about the great opening day and me wishing all concerned well in their new venture. It never got onto the forum as KKOB felt that it was blatent advertising and that the owner had not paid for an ad. I did...
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    Akbuk Tragedy

    A 7 year old girl has been shot dead by her 9 year old brother. She was buried yesterday in Soke. What an absolute tragedy for the family. I would like to pass on my sincere condolences.
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