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  1. Modgirl

    Flight Home

    can anyone advise .....does anyone know who if anyone flys from ISTANBUL SABIHA GOKEM to UK GLASGOW ....EDINBURGH .....any English airports as I can get to Istanbul but as I have never done this before I can get from Bodrum to Istanbul but never having flew this way I need advise cheers Linda...
  2. Modgirl


    has anyone removed and washed their curtain "VOILE" themself if so how easy If not can anyone tell me of a dry cleaners who would do the job.. thanks Linda
  3. Modgirl

    Property Auction

    Can anyone tell me anything about these Auctions....were and when they are held...we have been told that some of the properies on Blue City are coming up for auction. :21:
  4. Modgirl


    We had a earthquake in Arrochar...Argyll & Bute to-day quite a rumble thro the house apparently there has been a few in Islay and some of the islands further north in the last couple of months...
  5. Modgirl

    caster sugar

    Please can anyone tell me if you can buy caster suger in the Altinkum area as I can't seem to find any ...or maybe it comes under another name. thanks Linda..xx
  6. Modgirl

    Advise Please

    Hi all.....I had booked to go to Kos to renew our visa's tomorrow as they now run out this week....I have just had a phone call to say that the trip has been cancelled as there are no boats going out of the Marina this has not been helped by Aegeon going down the tubes and then finding out that...
  7. Modgirl


    I am looking to replace the bathroom door can anyone in the Didim area tell me where I can purchase a wooden door and also some new wood to replace the panel around the door. cheers Linda
  8. Modgirl


    I would just like to remind anyone that are due out to the Altinkum area and may be looking to purchase Home & Garden soft furnishings.....again I am singing the praises of HOME to Migros...the owners John & Sevim and all of the staff have to be congratulated on the excellant...
  9. Modgirl

    mobile phone

    I am looking to upgrade my moby (end of my contract) I pay £18 per month for my samsung with 3G 300 text or voice free to 3g. Three are offering Nokia 5230 @ £15 per month, 500 text or voice any network plus 5000 free to 3G. does any one have this phone and is it any good? any info welcome...
  10. Modgirl

    Thank-you all

    Sorry if this is in the wrong post, I would like to thank all at Home Depo, again for their excellant service John & Sevim and all the staff, true to their word they called took away my foot stool that I picked ( wrong colour ) and replaced with one that matched my suite at no cost and a 8 week...
  11. Modgirl


    Hi I was just wondering if any of my fellow members are updating their garden furniture as I am looking for beds and maybe garden swing. thanks for reading Linda. :474cu:
  12. Modgirl

    Trip to Ikea

    Hi all, is there anyone in the Altinkum area who could do with a shopping trip £10 per person and I am looking for 3 persons to share, for tomorrow if poss. please ping me before 5pm. The trip will be with Love Tours. cheers Linda:31:
  13. Modgirl

    Old fashion food tastes

    after reading "Ceemac The Usual Tripe" it got me thinking about food or meals of the past that we would still have for our dinners but the younger generations would never eat, tripe onions potatoes, cabbage & ham ribs with potatoes, or how my own Mum used up the left over mince by poaching an...
  14. Modgirl


    Hi time to introduce myself & tell a bit about my family. We have just bought a flat in Altinkum and now life begins at almost 60. we can't wait to get back. We live in sunny Argyll in Scotland my 2 dogs Tibetan Terriers and my hubby. Our hobbies are watching all the diy, and house swap programs...
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