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    Kids Jokes

    The grandchildren are coming this weekend and they will be expecting me to have come up with some new jokes, but to be honest I’m scraping the barrel. There are a few on theTLF Jokes thread which should hit the mark but I’m appealing for more. All contributions will be tried and tested...
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    Ancient Bargylia Ruins

    For my next visit to the Tuzla area one of the locals has agreed to show me around the site of the ancient Bargylia ruins. In doing a little research I'm now amazed to find press articles from earlier this year which say the site is privately owned and currently on the market for a mere £6.3m...
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    PHP-NUKE message

    I've been trying to post a comment on an article in Voices but at every attempt I get the message: The html tags you attempted to use are not allowed. I've gone on to the PHP-NUKE site and done their test submission with no trouble so any clues please?
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    Turkish building practice

    Why do Turkish bricklayers always put some bricks in the wrong way round with the holes running in to out? I would have thought this was a recipe for damp problems but maybe there’s some cunning logic that’s escaped me.
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    Help with title deeds law

    I have a long standing dispute with our developer who has yet to deliver the habitation certificates for our site, but before doing further battle I’m looking for help in tracking the changes to title deeds law with particular reference to the habitation licence. I am aware that in 2009 there...
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    Hungarian owners on TLF

    Do we have any Hungarian owners on TLF? I’m trying to help a Hungarian lady struggling to complete her Tapu transfer despite having paid in full and having her military clearance. She has been told by the developer and her solicitor that there are problems because of her nationality. If...
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    Site fee debts

    We are a small condominium with an established management structure. This year one owner started to run up site fee debts and ignored written billing demands and warnings. When we eventually caught up with him he said he had just sold the property and it was no longer his problem. We...
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    Self-employed status

    Hello Celtic. We have a legally formed complex owners committee with an appointed owner manager. We want to engage the services of a Turkish gardener who currently works cash in hand for a number of locals. We obviously can’t employ him on that basis and he does not want to be employed...
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    Help!! management plan

    My last attempt at a thread on this topic fell on stony ground. Not sure if it was the boring title or just a boring topic, but its important to me so I’m trying again. At our first AGM I expect our developer to table a Site Management Plan that was written in Turkish and attached to the...
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    Condominium Management Plans

    We will soon have our first AGM and I’m looking for some guidance on Condominium Management Plans. Our developer is going to table the generic management plan which is attached to the title deeds (apparently available from all good stationery shops!!). My solicitor says this generic plan is...
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    Condominium Law again

    I have been party to several forum threads on the subject of Condominium Law but all have died a death, so I’m having one last go. Time after time on this forum there are questions raised that can only be answered by reference to Condominium law 634/5711 as published in the Official Gazette in...
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    £50 Reward

    Having exhausted all other avenues I’m now down to my least palatable option of parting with money. I’m giving away £50 to the first person able to provide me with a full transcript of Condominium Law 5711 in English. Hopefully it’s a good thick volume because my first task is to hit my...
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    Private Beaches

    I’ve seen many property sales promotions referring to ‘private beaches’. Does Turkey allow its beaches to be in private ownership or should I interpret ‘private’ as meaning secluded/limited access.
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    The more I read the more I worry

    What a brilliant web-site this is, just a pity I didn't join before I signed my contract. Along with many others who engaged law firms to handle their purchase contracts I was required to pay the developer in full to get the keys to my new build property. As a result I now have no leverage...
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