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    BA cancelling Bodrum flights - Dalaman option?

    I received an email from those lovely people at BA to say that they have cancelled my return flight from Bodrum in August - not the flight out, just the flight back! They say they are no longer going to fly in and out of Bodrum in August and I believe my outbound flight at end of July is the...
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    Jazz Cafe - take care!

    Continuing on my theme of local places to eat / drink we paid a visit to the Jazz Cafe on the waterfront the other night. There was live music courtesy of a girl duo who were ok. The drinks are on the high side (say, 15Tl for a standard size Efes) which we assumed was to cover the live music...
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    Sa'kin restaurant

    Has anybody tried this newish restaurant on the road up from the waterfront towards Gumsan? The setting looks nice. So many restaurants along this road have been and gone in recent years (except Limon of course). Anyway, will probably give it a try tonight. By the way, had very good evening...
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    Mains water supply

    We have not been out to our villa in Koyunbaba Bay since October but when we were last there it seemed that we were close to getting a mains water supply being laid on. The main pipework appeared to have been laid and additional pipework would then have to be laid to the villa complexes. We also...
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    Carian Bay Spa and Beach Resort

    Those of you familiar with the Koyanbaba Bay area of Gumusluk - just past the new mosque and Migros on the road towards Gumuskaya/Yalikavak will have noted the new excavation and building work down in the bay. It seems as though at least part of it is a new hotel (mentioned by others on here)...
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    cctv cameras

    I could have been forgiven for thinking April 1st had come early today. We have received a message from our resident site caretaker that it is to be made obligatory for all sites to have at least one cctv camera installed complete with recording unit. It will probably cost us at least US$750. I...
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    Kids - when do you stop worrying about them?

    The answer is clearly never. I was talking to a work contact the other day and she told me she was now back working part time. She has 3 young daughters and she thinks they are now old enough for her to go back to work. However, she was finding it tough going as she was constantly concerned...
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    Gumbet hotel spa treatment

    Just seen this on Daily Mail website: Holiday from hell for teenage Brit left looking like a 'burns victim' after Turkish spa treatment By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:55 PM on 21st June 2009 A teenager's trip to Turkey turned to disaster when a beauty treatment at a luxury spa...
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    Excess baggage

    We recently flew to Bodrum and back from Gatwick with Thomas Cook. The luggage allowance was just 15kg each (last year it was 20 kg). Travelling with a teenage daughter about to take exams we had a load of books with us and the usual stuff we take out when opening up our villa for the year. We...
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    Car Hire

    With Spring approaching, more of us are now turning our thoughts to our Spring and Summer hols in Turkey. But what about car hire? We have been using a number of different Bodrum based companies over the past 3 years or so. Most have been ok although some of the cars have been a bit ropey and we...
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    Civil Engineer

    Can anybody recommend a civil engineer on the Bodrum Peninsular please? I need some advice on the construction of a high rampart type terrace wall - e.g. of the type you see surrounding many of the villa complexes.
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    Villas for sale near Gumusluk

    There are two 2 bed villas for sale on our complex at Vardar Villas between Gumusluk and Yalikavak. Priced at £69,995 and they have fantastic sea views. They can be found on Ebay at item No. 150246804560. Built 2005/2006, the UK owners have recently taken over the management of this complex from...
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    Golden Oaks

    This is a complex management related issue. Are there any forum readers out there who own villas at Golden Oaks between Gumusluk and Yalikavak? If so, please P.M. me.
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    Committee Chairman

    We have a problem with our complex management. The guy who managed the complex has disappeared with the accounts and the current committee chairman is the builder who still owns 3 properties but has not paid any maintenance fees for about a year. We are about to hold an EGM to install a new...
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    Non payment of maintenance fees

    We are currently having dreadful problems with our complex management. Too many to mention all here but for starters the builder owns 3 unsold villas (there are 16 in total). He has not paid any maintenance for many months and has been ignoring us. To make matters worse he is the current...
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